Thursday Summer Workout Notebook

Inside this edition of's summer workout notebook find out why rising redshirt freshman defensive end Everette Brown is chomping at the bit, how true freshman cornerback Patrick Robinson feels about being in Tallahassee with two of his former high school teammates and what true freshman receiver Preston Parker feels about his very important "toss up" now.


Seminole defensive end Everette Brown is poised for a big freshman year.

And despite the fact that the North Carolina native has never seen a single down of real game action, FSU fans and coaches alike seem to already know what he is going to bring to the table. While he was not one of the more highly touted recruits brought in prior to the 2005 season, Brown's quick develop and huge upside has created quite the buzz.

The 6-foot-4 and 250-pounder shares the same excitement.

"I am ready to go. I cannot wait for the season to start," Brown told "I talk to my dad every night about the upcoming season. He just tells me to keep working to be the best I can be. I am ready to get it."

After going home for the first six weeks of summer to spend time with family, Brown is, as he says, "excited" to be back in Tallahassee. Through the first week of voluntary summer workouts that he has been through in 2006, the s ame intensity displayed throughout the spring – an intensity that was familiar to FSU quarterbacks – has continued.

"I want to be a force for this defense and I want my teammates to know they can count on me," Brown said.

With the regular season just over two months away, it may seem like a reach to expect the inexperienced yet talented defensive end to crack the starting lineup but that doesn't mean he isn't gunning for it.

"It's on. I want in and I want to make some plays," Brown said with a smile.


For Preston Parker, deciding between Florida State and Miami was literally a toss up on National Signing Day this past February.

Unable to decide between the two in-state powers, the standout wide receiver from Delray Beach, who was rated as the No. 1 wide receiver in the state by, closed his eyes and picked a hat. And luckily for Seminole fans that hat happened to be garnet and gold.

Now, the 6-foot and 182-pound speedster is in Tallahassee and shares the same sentiments as FSU faithful.

"I'm real happy that I am here. I love Tallahassee," Parker told "I don't regret picking FSU at all. My brother told me how nice it was here and he was right."

Despite talented depth at the wide receiver spot on the FSU roster, Parker may not be forced to take a redshirt. A talented special teams performer in high school, the athlete that was responsible for over 20 scores during his days in the prep ranks just may fill at the same role in Tallahassee.

And with the departure of Kenny O'Neal a kick return spot is wide open.

"I will do what the coaches want me to do and they have talked about me working into the rotation," Parker said.

MINI PATRICK ROBINSON Q&A How does it feel to finally be in Tallahassee?

Patrick Robinson: "It feels great. This is the place that I always wanted to be at ever since I was a kid. It's a dream come true."

RR: Did it make your decision any easier knowing that you had two teammates in Anthony Leon and Evan Bellamy headed to Tallahassee as well?

PR: "That's a good question but no not really. I always knew I wanted to be here and it didn't matter who else was coming. It's nice to have those guys here but I am getting along real good with these other guys too. But, yeah, it does help haing somebody you know here. I also knew a lot of these other guys through all-star games and stuff like that."

RR: What did you weigh when you got your physical for FSU?

PR: "182."

RR: Have you talked to the coaches or have you thought about how much you may get to play this season?

PR: "I've talked to them and they just told me to work hard and show that I want it. I think I am good enough to play and I am ready to play so we will see."

RR: You were given the No. 21 to wear. What made you choose that number?

PR: "Well, I wanted No. 3 but Myron already got it. But it's all good because I wore 21 my freshman, sophomore and junior years (in high school) so it's like I am going back to my roots."

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