Ahmad Paige Q&A

Monday evening Scout.com's No. 4-rated wide receiver prospect, Ahmad Paige, arrived on the Florida State campus to take part in this year's Bobby Bowden camp. Tuesday, RenegadeReport.com caught up with the 6-foot-2 playmaker from Sterlington, La. to talk about how his visit to Tallahassee has been and whether or not FSU is still the team to beat for his services.

RenegadeReport.com: How has it been for you so far?

Ahmad Paige: "It's been real good. I like it down here – it's a lot different than Louisiana. I hadn't planned on getting knicked up, though."

RR: Yeah, I saw you come up limping after catching a long pass in one-on-ones and now you have your knee iced. Nothing to serious I hope.

AP: "I caught the ball and my foot kind of stuck in the ground and (the defender) kind of landed on me funny. I just hyper-extended it a little bit but it's nothing too serious. I will be fine."

RR: How much will that limit you in today's second session and tomorrow (Wednesday)?

AP: "To be honest, I am not really sure. I am supposed to be working out later but I will probably lay off it today and see how it is when I get this ice off of it."

RR: Well injury aside, have you had the opportunity to check out FSU's facilities?

AP: "I did that as soon as I got here and saw some this morning. They showed me the weight room and that kind of stuff. I will probably do a little more of that. I am actually headed to meet coach (Bobby) Bowden right now."

RR: I saw you talking to Drew Weatherford and Caz Piurowski after the workout. What have they been telling you?

AP: "Yeah man, they were just telling me I need to come hang out with my teammates and joking around and that kind of stuff. They were telling me we all need to hang out later. They are real nice."

RR: I know FSU has been your leader, is it safe to say that's still the same and who else is in your top five?

AP: "FSU is still at the top. It's FSU, LSU, USC, Florida and Miami."

RR: "When are you planning on announcing your final decision?

AP: "I kind of want to get it over with. Get the season started and kind of narrow it down a little bit. August 19th is the date."

Current Seminoles Caz Piurowski (left) and Drew Weatherford (right) took time out of their day to come visit with Paige after Tuesday's morning camp session.

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