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The Florida State football is only two and half weeks away from two-a-days and will be out in full force this August to cover the Seminoles as they get ready for their battle with the Miami Hurricanes on September 4th. Check out some free tidbits below on the Seminole off-season voluntary workouts to get a glimpse of what you are missing.

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Here's a sampling of practice observations that Co-Publisher Brandon Mellor composes following each organized workout by the Seminole football team:

Thursday, July 13 Summer Workout Observations
The Florida State football team held its final voluntary workout of the week Thursday and the day finished with some words of "advice" from strength and conditioning coach Jon Jost.

While Thursday's workout was a designed recovery day and therefore less strenuous than normal, Coach Jost vented his frustration to the Seminoles that they failed to take the day's work as seriously as normal. Simply put, Coach Jost was stressing the fact that the players give it 110 percent on the hard days and tend to slack off a bit on the easier ones. He told his players that attitude of working hard no matter what the situation – hard or easy – is what champions are made of.

From a spectator's point of view, it was good to see Coach Jost get vocal and raise his voice a bit. While I have been personal witness to each and every member of the team going full speed, it's easy to forget sometimes that they are all still young and sometimes need a reminder. Having said all that, I don't think the same problem will be issue again this summer.

Now, from reading this many may think that that the entire team is slacking but that is far from the truth. Coach Jost was just referencing the general attitude and several individual players stuck out to me Thursday – namely Patrick Robinson.

Someone mentioned him in my Tuesday observation post and I made it a point of watching Robinson closely today. I think that the freshman defensive back has a chance to see the field this fall and he has an impressive work ethic. He works hard and it shows as he makes each drill look effortless. He is even pretty impressive in one-on-one coverage as well (more on that in a minute).

A few other guys that really caught my eye today were Myron Rolle (who has a very nice ranking on the new NCAA football game, I might add), Preston Parker and John Frady.

After the workouts, the players participated in another one of Coach Jost's "Fourth Quarter Drills." Today, the players had to gather in groups of four to five and take turns lifting and then flipping over a long, heavy plastic pipe. After flipping the pipe, the next member would step in and repeat the same action. Then the next and so forth and so forth. The object of the drill was to be the first group to get this heavy object from one side of the field to the other. I managed to capture it on video and it was a pretty cool site to see. I will have that up later.

Following the drill, several players stuck around for one-on-ones but that isn't the story here. Before the one-on-ones began, Drew Weatherford called on Caz Piurowski and before I knew it, the two had organized a quarterback, fullback/running back and tight end only drill at the end of the field. While the other quarterbacks and receivers were running one-on-ones, Weatherford, Piurowski, Seddrick Holloway, Marcus Sims, Charlie Graham and a few walk-on tight ends were at the end of the field working on short passes right off the line of scrimmage and out of the backfield. After performing the drill for a good amount of time, Weatherford called on fellow signal caller Christian Ponder to replace him and he went and joined Xavier Lee, Tommy Keane and D'Vontrey Richardson in the one-on-ones.

In all, the following scholarship receivers and defensive backs participated in the one-on-ones (several other stayed to watch but I am just listing the ones that actually participated):

Damon McDaniel

Preston Parker

Richard Goodman (the undisputed king of one-on-ones as he never drops a pass and is always open )

Ochuko Jenije

Roger Williams

Korey Mangum

Former Nole Antonio Cromartie (ran routes and defended)

By the way, this is a dead issue and most of us already knew that there wasn't much to the report, but Lee reiterated today that he is not transferring. Many may have seen the small blurb on's rumor page about someone being in his ear to transfer to FAMU. Definitely false.

I mentioned it before but the new NCAA football game is set to be released on Tuesday (some people already have it, yours truly included) and a few players reacted to their rankings on the game today. Tony Carter isn't pleased with his 79 overall ranking feeling he was short-changed a bit and I tend to agree. Anyway, the topic of this new game and it's features could warrant it's own thread. It's still interesting to hear what the guys have to say about such a nationally popular title and how it represents them.

That's all for now, the players work out tomorrow morning in the weight room and then return to action Monday. I will be back out at workouts Tuesday so until then, everyone have a good weekend.

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