John Lilly Q&A

With two-a-days just a short time away, the Florida State football team will soon put the pads back on and continue preparation for the 2006 season. Each preseason, position battles are always the thing to watch and this year the competition will be highlighted by the tight ends. Recently, tight ends coach John Lilly spoke with about his depth chart.

On last year's three-senior rotation at tight end:

"I look back at last year's guys and really all three of them we capable and all three of them caught on the ball well when they had the opportunity, They had 30 catches so is it going to be that way this year? I don't know. It depends on how quickly we get them going. On paper the group we have this year may look more athletic but in all honestly I think that the guys we had last year were more athletic than people realize."

On the three freshmen all getting their first taste of college football against the Hurricanes:

"Guys come to Florida State because they want to play in games like that. I hope they are nervous because everyone gets nervous before a game and has butterflies or whatever. But I don't think you are going to see anyone of them play scared. They are here because they want this opportunity. It concerns you from a standpoint of them knowing what to do. That's something that can hurt you quicker than anything can."

On Charlie Graham:

"Charlie is an outstanding blocker and that comes from what he did in high school. The type of offense that he played in he had a big responsibility to block. He's very well schooled in the fundamentals of blocking, It wasn't a deal with him where he had never done it before and didn't know how to do it. I think they did a great job with him over there at Madison County. I really think he is underrated as a receiver. He really only had one day during the spring where what I would I consider to be a bad day as far as being a receiver is concerned. But that is the biggest thing that he has had to work on and has continued to work on. You know, just how to run a route and making catches. He has come a long way and he does have a tremendous desire to be good. I think a lot of people forget about him but he is going to be the furthest along of all our guys in terms of an experience standpoint."

On Caz Piurowski and Brandon Warren:

"Both of them are going to be really hungry. I think that they see an opportunity here. We like to play a lot of guys and we don't get too caught up in who the starter is. At various times during the game, everybody is going to be counted on to play like a starter and play like a first-teamer. I thin they are excited about the opportunity. And it's there for them. They both have been involved in offenses that gave them the chance to catch the ball a little bit more."

On Warren's status:

"It's still kind of up in the air but once we get all the documentation and we make sure that all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed he will be here. It could be within another four or five days or it could be a week and a half. You'd like for him to get here at least a few days before two-a-days to get acclimated but whenever he gets her we are fine with that and we are excited for him to officially become a Seminole."

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