Brandon Warren Q&A

When Brandon Warren was finally cleared to enroll at FSU just a short time ago, a collective sigh of relief could be heard from Seminole fans all over. Now officially a member of the 'Noles, Warren is working to make up for the time he missed this summer. Thursday he spoke with about such topics as battling the Tallahassee heat and his plans for defense. How is it to finally be a member of the Seminole football team?

Brandon Warren: "It's been great. I am just trying to adjust to this weather right now. I went through some cramping problems (Wednesday) but now I am feeling good. I am getting more used to it everyday."

RR: Is it hotter than you expected?

BW: "It's not that I didn't expect it to be so hot here but just adjusting to it is tough. Up in Tennessee it's nothing like this. I feel great and I feel like I am getting more in shape everyday."

RR: I saw you working with the first team today. What is it like to already be working with that unit?

BW: "I am just trying to get in and get as many reps as I can – whether it's third, second or first (teams). Fortunately they put me with the first team (Thursday) so that is saying something."

RR: Have you been able to get to know the other tight ends - Caz Piurowski and Charlie Graham?

BW: "We are all bonding pretty well. We just try to help each other because we are all young and inexperienced. We need each other."

RR: I have noticed that you make catching the football look easy. It almost appears that you are a wide receiver out there and not a tight end.

BW: "It's kind of natural for me to catch the ball. I've been doing it for so long. For me now, when I catch the ball, I am learning to adjust to how fast the defenders are coming at me. Once I adjust to that I feel I will be fine."

RR: What area do you think you need to most improve upon?

BW: "I need to work on my blocking and my technique. You can never be too good at anything so I am just ready to do what I have to do to get better. I missed the summer workouts so I have to work that much harder. I am not as strong as a lot of these guys but I just need some time."

RR: There has been talk that you will get some reps at defensive end. Is that true?

BW: "I think so. Me and Coach (Jody) Allen are supposed to have a meeting about it sometime soon."

RR: When will you start working with the defensive players?

BW: "Right now I am just trying to learn the offense and learn the plays and the system. It's completely different from high school. Once I get that under my belt I will start working on defense."

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