Player Q&A: Richard Goodman

Following Tuesday's 20-period practice, sophomore wide receiver Richard Goodman spoke with The following is a transcript of that conversation. Tell me about being out here this preseason with the opportunity to contribute more this season than last.

Richard Goodman: "I have just been working on my consistency. That was the whole big thing with me last year. Coach (Bobby) Bowden and (Ron) Dugans really got on me about catching the ball and bringing it in. This summer I really just focused on doing that and making sure I have the ball in my hands before making a move. I feel like I have improved my routes too. When I went home (for summer break) I worked with (former NFL player) Chris Carter. I have learned to be more humble and not be as excited and nervous. I think I over did myself a little last year as a freshman with excitement."

RR: What was it like to work with Chris Carter?

RG: "It was good. I did a couple of his pass camps and worked at St. Thomas with my old high school quarterback. I just worked on my routes and worked on my consistency and the fundamentals … you know, looking the ball in and coming out of my breaks better."

RR: Were there any other college players working out there?

RG: "I was supposed to work out with Anthony Reddick, the defensive back at Miami, but we didn't get to hook up. I worked with Major Wright a bit and we did some things so that was good."

RR: Going into this season without Kenny O'Neal and Fred Rouse, it almost seems like you guys have good enough depth and talent that you won't miss them that much. Do you agree?

RG: Obviously you don't want to lose guys like that. But things happen and you have to move on. The only thing you can do is make the best of the situation. If we could we would choose to have those guys come back because everybody that gets to play at FSU can bring something to the team. Kenny was so fast and Fred could so what he did, it was a great aspect to the team, But you can't get down because they aren't here. You just have to work that much harder now that they aren't here."

RR: Is there a sense that you all are a bit closer now?

RG: Definitely. Last year we were all so young and now we only have two freshmen that have no experience. By us being more mature and we have bonded better and we are a family. We are closer than we have been. We are brothers."

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