Player Q&A: Myron Rolle

With the FSU-Miami showdown just a week away, one of the storylines (as it has been since preseason camp began in early August) will be who gets the start for the Tribe at rover. Following last week's final scrimmage, chatted briefly with one of the players in the battle for that spot, Myron Rolle. With Anthony Houllis out with a swollen knee, you were able to work primarily with the first team. How did it feel to be running with that squad?

Myron Rolle: It felt good working out there and being with the first team. I feel real comfortable and I was able to make some plays. I was able to react when I had to and do what I am supposed to. That is what I am going to do Monday.

RR: How's the shoulder holding up?

MR: It's doing good. It's feeling a lot bettter.

RR: Have the coaches given you any updates on whether or not you may be rewarded with the starting spot at rover?

MR: No, it really hasn't been said yet and I don't think that it will be said until a little closer to game time to keep the hype away from it. We are both ready to play, though."

RR: Do you feel that you have taken the steps this preseason to possibly be named starter?

MR: Well, whenever I am with the fist team I am just looking to make plays and make sure that there is no drop off in play. I think that with me in there that's true. I think Coach (Mickey) Andrews knows that I am ready to go whenever my name is called.

RR: Your first FSU-Miami game is now only a short time away, has it hit you yet that you are about to take the field as a Seminole against the Hurricanes?

MR: I have been dreaming about the game for the past couple of nights. I am ready, we are ready and I know that Miami is going to be ready – that's just a given. It's a fun game, it's an exciting game and I can't wait. It's a great way to open up a college career.

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