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The Seminoles practiced for 18 periods under overcast but steamy conditions Thursday morning. Their afternoon practice, meanwhile, was canceled after two periods due to lightning and an approaching storm. Still, the day centered on fundamentals, instruction and meetings prior to the arrival of the varsity for dinner. "We will meet with them (veterans) tonight and go over a lot of stuff, a lot of rules like we do every year," Bowden said. Safety Pat Watkins (pictured) finishes a morning drill.

Coach Bowden had these comments following the cancellation of Thursday afteroon's practice due to lightning and an approaching storm. FSU's morning session ended with one-on-one passing drills and specialty work.

"Again, we might have got 20 minutes of practice again. We went early today because the varsity was coming in. We rushed it anyway. It won't hurt us. Naturally, we would like to work with them. We will get it next week. We have plenty of time men. We don't have school until after the first game. We got all day long every day. I like that. We won't practice two-a-days that last week. But we will spend a lot of time looking at film."

Are you looking towards the conditioning tests Friday?

"You are always glad to see how they run. How they handle that. We hope we get it in. We have two-a-days Saturday. It will be interesting to see them. We will meet with them tonight and go over a lot of stuff, a lot of rules like we do every year."

Opening Comments from the morning session.

"We went over the stuff that we (taught) yesterday and they seemed to pick it up decently. It's just a matter of just keeping working on it, working on it, working on it. They will practice this afternoon at 3, which will be an hour earlier than usual because the varsity comes in. And we have to get ready for them to come in tonight.

"Somebody asked me about the walk-on kicker (Zack Oller). He's a punter and a kicker. He was punting some today. He's a punter and a kicker and he says he probably kicks best. I watched him punt, and the didn't look bad. They've done well. I haven't seen anything that's disappointing, you know. The backs look like they catch the ball pretty good. Ol' Wyatt (Sexton) throws the ball. He can really throw the ball. He's kind of a natural back there. They are going to work on specialty right now a little bit, to see who can handle a punt, who can handle a kickoff."

What are you looking for out of these guys? Are you looking for effort?

"Right now more learning. Learning with effort. But learning would come first because they have so much to learn. And there's just no hurry with these kids. That's the big thing. There's no hurry. That's the hardest thing for them, that they have a hard time understanding. They are not seniors that are fixing to graduate. They are freshmen who have four or five years a head of them to do their thing. Somebody asked me about redshirting. I told them not to even think about that right now. We are going to let that develop. We want everyone to practice like they are going to play in that first game."

You spent the first part of practice watching your defense. Did you like some of the things that you saw?

"Yeah, it's just all teaching and as you watch it you see how raw they are and how much they have to learn. But the good thing is they have the tools to do it with. They have the physical ability, it looks like it's there. Now it's just a matter of learning what to do. Because I don't care how much ability you've got but if you don't know what to do, you will be out of the game."

There seemed to be a lot of nervous energy out there.

"Yeah, it is. Now with the varsity coming in, that will take a little pressure off of them. Just like some of these kids out here, I asked them before practice how many of you guys ever played where you only had one coach - just you and him. Like, Odell (Haggins) has one guy to coach (Broderick Bunkley), Jimmy (Heggins) has one guy to coach (Cory Niblock). In fact, we had two guys coaching Niblock. He had two personal coaches."

You ended practice with one-on-one passing drills. Did you see anything that you liked?

"Well, got a little one-on-ones. It was very interesting. The backs made some nice little ol' moves getting away. So did (Lorne) Sam. Linebackers got some good work trying to cover a back."

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