FSU-Miami: The Quotes

A collection of quotes taken from coach Bobby Bowden and players Buster Davis, Gary Cismesia, Chris Davis and Michael Ray Garvin immediately following FSU's 13-10 victory over Miami on Monday.

Coach Bobby Bowden:

"That might be one of the greatest things that came out of this game; that Florida State did not throw the hat in."

"Our kicking game was very good today. Graham Gano, this was the first game he punted in. His kickoffs were good. He punted good. Our new center snapped the ball good. All that fits in."

DB Michael Ray Garvin on his game-sealing interception:

"I just want to thank god right now for everything and for being out here. I was in Tiger so basically I just saw the ball coming and I picked it off."

"I am feeling pretty good right now. I give all the glory to God."

LB Buster Davis:

"The only thing better I've ever had was my son being born but this is right next to it. It's the best feeling I have ever had playing football."

"This is our stadium. We made it our stadium tonight. We are probably going to see them again in December and we are going to do the same thing."

"Virginia Tech was the beginning of the new dynasty at Florida State. We showed it against Penn State and we showed it tonight. It shows the dedication and the hard work and teamwork we put together this summer."

"Everybody wanted to doubt us and say we're not as good as the Miami ‘D' but I think we outplayed everybody in the country tonight."

"If they didn't know my name before tonight, they sure know it now. And that was my plan to come out and make a statement. I think tonight I showed how great of a player I can be."

"No matter what position you play, no matter what team you play on, when get on that field you have to play like a first-teamer. (Garvin) made a tremendous play tonight. That showed the perseverance throughout the two-a-days to get himself back on the field where he's supposed to be. I am proud of him and I love him to death."

"The locker room, everybody wants to think it was yelling and screaming but it was none of that. We are the defense and we have to help the offense out. We have to get them the ball back on their side of the field and that's what we did tonight. We gave them great field position in the second half and they came up with big points."

WR Chris Davis:

"It feels great to come out in the first game of the season in Miami and win. We worked hard all summer and we came out here and did it. "

"You can't get down. You still have a whole other half to go and that is what we came into the locker room saying: ‘Thirty more minutes to go, let's play.' The game was not over yet."

"I think we just executed more (in the second half). We got more aggressive out there and we executed."

"The defense really stepped up tonight. The offense did good but it was the defense that won us the game."

"That first (punt return) I heard it from some of the coaches but after that I realized what I had to do. I think I did a good job back there after that."

K Gary Cismesia:

"I told Mario Henderson and some of the offensive line that you make it to the 30 (yard line) and I will make it through. We are going to win this game."

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