Coach Q&A: Mark McHale

Following Florida State's Wednesday practice, offensive line coach Mark McHale spoke with about the FSU-Miami game. Find out what the second-year Seminole skipper had to say about run blocking, the Hurricane defense and Saturday's contest against Troy in this exclusive interview. The offensive line did a great job blocing for the quarterback but the run-blocking struggled. What are your thoughts on that?

Mark McHale: "I thought we had improved on it, but it didn't show up on the stats. Probably wouldn't hurt us if we didn't have but about seven field runs - we had a quarterback sneak, we had a power play for short yardage, another power play, had three plays kill the clock for the half, so if you take them out we had about seven field plays. The first one was a bust … never handed the ball off. Next one we didn't block it good. We didn't get to the will linebacker in time. Mostly the linebackers, more than the front people, hurt us in the run. We got out of sync cause of penalties."

RR: Did you try to mix up the different types of runs?

MM: "We probably had about five different runs instead of three or four of the same kind to adjust. That was our fault for having penalities. First drive was good, got it down there and got a field goal. Next time at the end of the game we punched it in on the goal line and that was good. But, in between those plays the penalities got us out of sync and the long yardage … whenever that happens you've got to throw the ball and it gets you out of sync with the running game. "

RR: How much do the run struggles go to the credit of Miami's defense?

MM: "Miami's defense is excellent. All four up front will be drafted high. The will linebacker Will be a first round draft pick. Both safeties are preseason All-Americans."

RR: It seemed like they were crowding the box a lot, too.

MM: "The safeties were up there making plays pretty good but they gave up the pass by playing so many on the run, and that's what killed them … they couldn't defend the pass."

RR: Playing a weaker defense in Troy this Saturday, do you look at the game as a sort of tune-up for Clemson?

MM: " They wont be a weaker defense … they'll be a big blitz team. Miami … they did blitz once you got down there close in the scoring zone, they ran some blitzes, but Miami's more of a 4-3 with a spike in the ends. They are getting the linebackers and the safeties down in there. This team's going to do a lot of movement. It's going to be smaller … it's going to be faster, and there'll be a lot of blitzing. So, we are going to have a lot of blitz pick up in the run and the pass so it's a different game. The speed will be different. They'll come in here sky-high and play their butts off and we have got to play like we did at Miami – at a high level."

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