FSU Football Notebook: Lee Ready to Play

In this edition of RenegadeReport.com's football notebook, quarterback Xavier Lee is preparing to play Saturday (just as he did last last week) and center Dumaka Atkins talks about the Miami defense and what he expects to see against Troy.

As long as quarterback Drew Weatherford is taking snaps as the starter, Seminole faithful will wonder what role backup signal caller Xavier Lee will play in each game.

Against Troy this weekend, it is very likely that the Daytona Beach native will be plugged into the lineup. Thursday Coach Bobby Bowden mentioned to the media that the offensive coaches would talk about it Friday with the hopes of getting him some reps.

Lee said that the coaches hadn't approached him about it yet but he will be ready.

"Not too much has been said to me about (playing). I am just preparing myself like I am going to play anyways," Lee said. "Like I do every week."

Just like last season, Weatherford took every snap in a close game against the Hurricanes in the opener.

While it is not known whether the FSU coaches had a plan for Lee to see the first against-Miami action of his career Monday had the scoreboard been different, but Lee was ready to go in had his number been called.

"I had the same mindset I had in Miami. I was thinking I was going to play," Lee said. "I prepared myself and I was ready and I will be ready this weekend."


RenegadeReport.com: What are your thoughts on the struggles of the run game against Miami?

Dumaka Atkins: "Coming into the game it was sort of backwards. We felt really good about our running game and weren't so sure about our pass blocking. But we did enough to win it, that's what really matters. If we did 300 yards worth of rushing and 5 yards on passing we'd be upset. I think everyone's content with one yard rushing and a win."

RR: Do you look at the game against Troy as a sort of opportunity to work on some of the things you guys struggled with against the Hurricanes?

DA: "No doubt, we know what we have to do and we know we have to get ready for Clemson this week after this game. We're going to work on our full repertoire of run and pass and see how the stats look after this game."

RR: What is different about the Troy defense as compared to Miami?

DA: "We know that Troy is a more blitz-oriented team, we know that they cant man-up with us, so we're working on their games."

RR: And they don't have the same type of speed on their defensive unit as well.

DA: "That was a great defensive line we played against. It was about four seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. It's a great defensive line and a great defense. We came out to play and the stats just didn't show how much we were working."

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