Player Q&A: Buster Davis and Paul Griffin

Tuesday afternoon, FSU defenders Buster Davis and Paul Griffin spoke with a few members of the media. The following is some of the highlights of those conversations.

Buster Davis:

About being the ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the second week in a row.

" I am proud of it, but I have to thank the defensive players who play alongside me. You know, give them all of the credit in the world because I don't play by myself."

About being #1 in rushing defense in the ACC and NCAA.

"It shows what kind of work we did in the summer and during two-a-days, but it's only two games and we have 12 more to go and that's what we are going to be at, at the end of the season. Overall we need to be the number one defense in the country, in scoring defense, rushing, in passing. We want to be number one in all those categories at the end of the season."

About the impact of DT injuries including Paul Griffin and Emanuel Dunbar.

"It's going to affect us but the thing Florida State prides itself on is that younger guys, when the opportunity presents itself, step up and take full advantage of it, so as long as we do that, we will be fine on Saturday."

About Clemson, Bowden Bowl

"They embarrassed us last year. They really did put a whooping on us but we are going to come back and play hard this week and get a win. It's my last Bowden Bowl. It's not really a big thing for me, but I think it's kind of big for Coach Bowden because that's his son. But it's just another game and it's an ACC game so it's a real critical game for us."

On reviewing the Clemson-BC game and what the might have picked up.

"We saw a couple things that Boston College kind of did to them and we hope that we can do a couple more things also, offensively and defensively, so as long as we come together and mesh together like we did in the fourth quarter last weekend than we are going to come out of this thing with a win."

Key to the Clemson game

"I think the key is going to be execution and who makes the fewest mistakes. We can't have turnovers. We can't have dropped punts. We can't have guys not executing offensively, defensively and on special teams. As long as we execute, we're just as physical as anybody in America, so we just have to come out and do what we're supposed to do and we'll be okay."

On chances of seeing 3-4 sets

"I don't really know what coaches have planned for us but the coaches are going to come up with something for us to be ready for Saturday. You've got to play a base defense, we may play some 3-4, who knows, but we'll do what we need to do to win the ball game and that's all that matters."

Paul Griffin:

On play that he got injured

"That particular play, it was similar to what I've done a a lot of times when I'm getting ready to tackle somebody. That particular time, I ran as what about to tackle and my cleat stayed in the ground so a lot of my weight went forward on my leg and it hyper-extended forward and I tore my ACL."

On the disappointment of missing the rest of the season

"I've worked so much the past three years to get to where I'm at right now. Something like this happens to me and it's kind of devastating, but I'll bounce back."

On getting healthy again

"It's going to be a long process about seven months, seven or eight months. Right now, it's pretty swollen so they say in about two weeks I can go and get my surgery on it and after that then start the rehab process to get back."

On helping the team off the field

"Either way it goes, I'm going to be out there supporting the team as much as possible. We've got a lot of younger guys who are going to have to step up and play right away so that's why I want to come in and help support the team and make sure the other players are ready to play."

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