Training Camp Report

<b>UPDATE</b> Receiver Greg Moore suffered a torn Achilles tendon in Saturday's second practice. Also, freshman Chris Davis watches the session. Change earmarked the Seminoles' first practice. Dominic Robinson switched from defensive back to wide receiver and O.J. Jackson went from the defensive line to tight end. Also, guard Milford Brown was held out of practice due to an eligibility issue and there was a jersey number change following a senior meeting with coach Bobby Bowden.

Receiver Greg Moore suffered a torn right Achilles tendon during one-on-one passing drills in Saturday's second practice.

Moore had returned to the team as a walk-on after flunking out of school last year and participated in Saturday's morning practice. If Moore suffered a complete tear as expected after an initial observation from a team physician, he will miss the entire season. A partial tear could result in Moore's foot being placed in a cast for eight weeks.

Also, FSU's recovering injured -- receivers Anquan Boldin and Robert Morgan and defensive tackles Darnell Dockett and Travis Johnson -- sat out Saturday's second session. Boldin, however, participated in selected stations and conditioning drills following practice. He also was bothered by a sore hamstring that he injured three weeks ago.

"The injured guys, we gave the afternoon off," said Randy Oravetz, the Seminoles' director of sports medicine.

"Anquan's hamstring is bothering him a little bit -- he pulled it three weeks ago. You start fatiguing -- he ran so well yesterday and so hard this morning, I had a feeling that something was going to get sore. The good news we have tomorrow off. Everyone has a day to let these things settle down a bit, and that will help."

Athlete Chris Davis, meanwhile, arrived in Tally Saturday from his hometown of St. Petersburg and watched some of practice with coach Bobby Bowden from his golf cart. Davis suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during passing drills at home and recently underwent surgery.

"I feel fine -- it's a little sore but I will by okay," Davis said. "I was at home doing passing drills and I came down on it wrong. I pretty much knew (hurt himself). Looking out at practice, I can't do much about it but wait."

Additionally, freshman offensive lineman Ron Lunford attended the second practice after missing the morning session.


Dominic Robinson, nicknamed "Prime Time II" as a prep All-American, had hoped to follow in the footsteps of his idol Deion Sanders at Florida State. Of course, that's easier said than done. Robinson now hopes to make his mark on offense for the Seminoles.

Robinson was moved to wide receiver Saturday as fourth-ranked FSU opened two-a-day practices. Additionally, senior defensive lineman O.J. Jackson was switched to tight end in an effort to bolster depth.

Also, starting guard Milford Brown was held out until an NCAA rules interpretation can be resolved. While coach Bobby Bowden did not elaborate, it appears he doesn't consider the matter serious.

However, according to FSU's compliance office, the question centers on an eligibility issue, one that was raised during spring drills. At issue is whether Brown was a fulltime or part-time student at Alabama State prior to attending East Mississippi Junior College in 1999. Simply, there is concern that Brown may have exhausted his eligibiltiy, which would be a blow to a unit that returned all five starters from last season.

And, freshman linebacker A. J. Nicholson will not wear jersey No. 53 out of respect for Devaughn Darling, who passed away in February 2001 following an offseason conditioning workout. FSU's seniors met with Bowden Friday and asked that Darling's jersey number not be worn. Nicholson quickly agreed with the decision and was given a round of applause by his teammates for his understanding. Nicholson wore No. 54 Saturday (Milford Brown also wears that number).

"It's a team thing," senior defensive end Alonzo Jackson said. "We all felt like somebody passing following a drill that out of respect that jersey (number) should not be worn. It's not a problem. It's a team thing."

Chauncey Stovall, meanwhile, continued to watch from the sidelines and is expected to be cleared Monday.

Position changes are always big news, and Saturday wasn't any different, especially when it involved a high-profile player such as Robinson. Robinson, who returned punts for the Seminoles last season as a freshman but lacked the overall quickness to play cornerback, was thrilled to switch to a position he also starred at in high school. There also had been discussions of moving Robinson to safety this season.

"Honestly, I think since I got here it has been a question you guys (media) wanted to know, it was something everybody wanted to know, guys I played with, guys on the team asked me all the time," said Robinson, who also was a reserve outfielder on the Seminole baseball team this past season.

"I can remember thinking even when I was being recruited that wherever I go I was going to be a DB for a year and test the waters and most likely switch to receiver. It's not really a surprise but the surprise was really how it happened. It's great to be over there and having a good time and trying to stay healthy. It's going to be fun to see how it turns out. (It's) always something I loved to do. I love playing both sides of the ball but I thought this would be a good time to test the waters on the other side and see how it is over there."

The 6-1, 198-pound Robinson was approached by offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden Friday about the idea of moving to offense. Robinson then met with defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews to discuss a change that all parties enthusiastically agreed on.

"Having Dominic in camp as a high schooler going into his senior year he really, really impressed us with his ball skills and that's probably his long suit right now," defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews said.

"I talked to him last spring about moving to safety because he has such ball skills. He has the size to go there, maybe the quickness. The actual bump-and-run coverage that was a little hard on him because of his big body. I think when he was approached with the idea, he asked me and I told him that his ball skills indicated that he certainly has a chance being a player - be it at safety or at wideout. So, we decided if he was going to try it he needs to get it started during two-a-days and learn it. If that doesn't work out, we've told him he could come back and certainly jump right back in there at defensive back. Great kid. Just wants to do something to help the team be successful"

Added Jeff Bowden:

"When I mentioned to him yesterday that I thought he could help us, first from a depth standpoint and then as he learns maybe more contributing, when I mentioned that to him he surprised me that his reaction was so for it right off the bat," Bowden said. "He jumped all over it. I was real happy about that. I think we were all in agreement that it was kind of best for everybody.

"The thing about Dominic he's such a good kid. I know he will put the time in the notebook. I know he will learn. I know he has great hands. Just watching him from the other side of the ball I felt like maybe he would be even a better player going forward instead of going backwards."


It seems as if O.J. Jackson has played just about everywhere at FSU. Jackson was on the move again Saturday, this time to tight end -- his fourth position (linebacker, defensive end and noseguard) with the 'Noles. Senior Patrick Hughes enters as the starter and is backed by Paul Irons. Also, walk-on Dan Royle will provide depth at that slot.

"I can catch - if it comes at me, I am going to get it," Jackson said and smiled. "But I need to work on catching better, diving and working on low balls. I like that part, the blocking and the hitting. That's what I love about football, the contact."


Senior Stanford Samuels and junior Rufus Brown opened practice as the starters at cornerback. However, Andrews says that is subject to change. The duo are backed by Malcom Tatum and Bryant McFadden.

"This afternoon I can get back and get to evaluate and it might be different," Andrews said. "I told them I put them in place based on what they did in the summer and the testing so forth. They control what team they are on now."

Andrews also believes his secondary is better prepared to play press defense on the edges, thanks in large part to depth.

"We are better. We are better at it now," Andrew said. "But how much we play is going to depend on who we are playing against and how good we are at playing at our techniques. But we are further along, no doubt it. We've got some depth there. Our depth is stronger than it has been in several years. What we want is two guys who will line up and dominate. We find that, they are the starters.'


Andrews was pleased to see that starting middle linebacker Jerel Hudson weighed in at 270 pounds, nearly 20 lighter than his spring weight.

"He's a big youngin' any way you put it," Andrews said. "He knocks off right at 20 pounds, so he's a better football player with what he's lost. But we are not celebrating and telling him to see how quick he can put it back on. We would like for him to keep losing a little bit instead of putting it back on. We are encouraged by all of our big guys - they came back condition-wise in pretty darn good shape."


Here is Randy Oravetz's report following the morning practice:

"(Darnell) Dockett got sore from yesterday (sprints) and he practiced for about a half of practice and we started icing him down. He might get a little bit of (work) this afternoon but we will probably hold him out. Travis (Johnson) (ankle) looked pretty good. Bobby Meeks (ankle) got tired. He probably won't get much this afternoon. Anquan (Boldin) and Robert (Morgan) looked very good. Gerard Ross (knee) looked good and Kendyll (Pope/neck) looked excellent. Todd Williams had a little automobile accident down in Tampa before he reported - banged his knee up pretty good. So, he didn't run yesterday (sprints). He really wasn't running (today), just stepping. Eric Broe (ankle) looked good coming off that ankle surgery and Alonzo (Jackson/wrist) he didn't have any problems. I know they (Boldin and Morgan) want to run some routes (afternoon) but I don't want to get them too sore on the first day."

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