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Bobby Bowden was pleased with the Seminoles' opening practices Saturday. Here are his comments from both sessions. Highlights include the position moves involving Dominic Robinson and O.J. Jackson and the decision behind the team motto of "Let's Roll." Said Bowden: "...we usually get the kids involved. They will come to us with thoughts. This year I told our coaches I want to go with that. No more debate. We are going to go with 'Let's Roll.'"

Here are coach Bowden's comments following Saturday's second practice (18 periods), which had a few minutes of rain.


"One of the biggest liablities we have here is weather. We get a lot of rain, rain, rain and the field gets soggy and, of course, you have to miss practice. So, we were mighty lucky today because it (storm) was sitting right back over there and it went south of us. We got in everything we planned to do the first day. Tomorrow we will take them to church and they will have the pictures (media day. The seniors will come out to my house tonight for supper (steak and ice cream). Greg Moore (Achiles tendon)got hurt today. It could be a serious thing. That's the only one I saw that went out with an injury."

Anything stick out?

"Well, we threw and caught -- had some skeleton drills out there, offense throwing against the defense. Got some good work there. Kind of ragged, which is a typical first day. There were a couple of nice plays. (Bryant) McFadden made a nice interception right there. (Michael) Boulware probably plays the pass about. .. it will be hard for a linebacker to play the pass much better than he does. He have some instincts. He had a few touchdowns last year. He had a great interception out there. Kyler Hall also had a nice interception, too. But there was some several nice catches, too."


"You wish every day would be like today. They all feel pretty good today. It's the practice. Everybody is in pretty good shape, fresh. The more you practice the tougher it gets. I thought it was a pretty good first practice. Got into a lot of stuff right off the bat and (they) responded pretty good. Dominic Robinson, we moved to wide receiver. I had told Jeffrey (Bowden) and Mickey (Andrews) that he's better with the ball under his arm. He plays better with the ball under his arm. He won't touch it that much on defense. I kind of got the idea by watching him return punts. He's kind of a natural. We moved O.J. (Jackson) to tight end because we are really lacking enough people there. We want to try to use more tight end stuff, so we moved him there."

How did Dominic take to the move?

"Jeffrey had just mentioned to him. If he didn't want to do it, I wasn't going to do it. But he was very interested in it. We talked about it last night. I think he was in favor of it."

Are you doing to keep him there regardless of what happens with Chauncey Stovall?

"I want to. I think he will be a natural there."

Would that move have been made had the two freshmen - Chris Davis (hurt) and DiShon Platt (ineligible) - come in?

"I don't know. We might not have ever thought of it at that time. Last year, I don't know if we ran any four wide outs."

How did Anquan Boldin and Robert Morgan play?

"You couldn't tell he (Boldin) was ever hurt. And Robert Morgan surprised me. I thought Morgan would be limited. But, jeez, he kind of looked like the ol' Robert. They trainers) felt good about him (Boldin) all the way. And Robert has made the same type of progress. Robert had a more severe injury. I think it involved more ligaments and a nerve, where Anquan's didn't. Those guys are veterans. They are proven. That always helps out."

What can you tell about attitude?

"The attitude seems to be excellent. The wakeup call came last year. Following a year like we had where we weren't in the running, I think that handles that for awhile. How can you be complacent when you are losing four games."

You worked Todd Williams at guard and Milford (Brown) did a lot of watching.

"He has a situation that has to be cleared. It's a technicality. Until we get it cleared - we are waiting for the NCAA to tell us - we are going to work Todd in there until we get it cleared."

Were you surprised by being picked fourth in the coach's poll?

"Not from the indications I had gotten earlier. I didn't know but what I had been hearing didn't surprise me that much. A lot of that is that (reputation). Nebraska, Florida State, several schools they are going to vote high because of the tradition and what has happened the past years. That's fine. You are visible if you are in the Top 10. You are visible. If you are in the Top five, you are more visible. If somebody slips above you and you don't, over the course of a year people slip."

Where does Let's Roll come from?

"Usually every year when we pick out a slogan for our shirts our coaches usually discuss what's good. If we like what we come up with we might just go with it. But we usually get the kids involved. They will come to us with thoughts. This year I told our coaches I want to go with that. No more debate. We are going to go with 'Let's Roll.' Based on the airplane guy (terrorist attack in September) making that remark when he knew he was going to die. He was going to be sure that thing didn't crash into the White House. I thought that would be an excellent motto. Not only for that but the season is here the challenges are here, let's roll."

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