Player Q&A: Mario Henderson

Florida State starting left tackle Mario Henderson recently spoke with the media about Saturday's matchup with Clemson. More specifically, the Lehigh Acres native spoke about Clemson standout Gaines Adams, who has been battling with a partially separated shoulder.

Q: Clemson's Gaines Adams is one of the nation's best defensive ends. What are your thoughts on the matchup as you prepare to line up across from him?

A: "I am just taking it as a great opportunity. They played FAU and he didn't really play a lot. They played Boston College and that's the only film I've got on him. I mean, he really don't have enough (film) on me so it's kind of like we don't who each other are. Sometimes he's gonna be lined up against (Shannon) Boatman because he switches a lot. But I am just looking forward to it.

Q: What is he best at?

A: He reminds me a lot of Kamerion Wimbley. Like, he's an all-around guy. He's strong enough to bull (rush), he's quick enough to beat you around the end and he can put a lot of moves on you. Me and Boatman was talking about that last night. We figured that there is no key thing that we can do against him. So we have to take him as an all-around kind of thing.

Q: So the strategy is to basically just be as good as possible at everything?

A: Yeah.

Q: You kind of had your coming out party last year against standouts Daryl Tapp and Tamba Hali, so do you kind of look as this game as another opportunity to show the country what you can do against one of the best?

A: That's the only thing I want to do. I want to work hard. Our coaches keep talking about how he is a great player. I just want to show them that I am good and show once again that I can play."

Q: Do you play attention to the talk that he may or may not play? And if he does play, do you keep it in the back of your mind that he's not playing at full strength?

A: That bum shoulder … I am looking way past that. It's one of those things, when you play Florida State it's like a shoulder isn't even hurting. I am looking for him to come play. I am not gonna say, "Okay, he's got a bum shoulder." I know he's gonna come. He's gonna come out and there will be nothing wrong with him. I am sure he'll be full speed.

Q: What are your thoughts about the Tiger defensive line as a whole?

A: This might be (one of the more) physical lines. They say Miami's defense was better but like Coach (Mark) McHale said, (Clemson's) D-line is pretty good. They got after us pretty good last year. It's pretty much the same guys that came back.

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