Player Q&A: Drew Weatherford Part 1

In part one of Drew Weatherford's sit-down interview with the media, find out what the sophomore signal caller has to say about his play so far this season, playing from behind and much more.

Q: After watching the film do you think that you have a little bit better grasp of what maybe the problems on offense were?

A: It's all about getting first downs and we're just not doing that. It's about sustaining drives. We'll have three or four good plays on a drive and then our next two plays will be horrible and put us in a 3rd and 20 situation, you know, and it's just hard to overcome situations like that. It doesn't seem like we are focused on every play. We're not taking one play at a time. We might be looking too far into the future or what we are going to do on the next play or things like that when we need to just focus on what's happening in the moment.

Q: How much has it affected you guys having to play from behind so much this year?

A: I mean it's tough playing from behind but that's just kind of the situation that we've been put in. To be honest, like I said right after the game, it seems like we actually play better when we are behind. We actually start to do things better on offense a little bit. And I don't understand the reasoning behind that. We need to do a better job of putting pressure on ourselves to perform early because if we get a lead our defense is really tough to score on obviously. Especially when we are in control of a game I feel like they are even better and feed off of that.

Q: Coach Bobby Bowden mentioned that you may be focusing too much on not making a mistake and playing conservative. Do you think that's what you are doing?

A: I don't feel it and I don't really get a sense f that watching film either. There was one instance during the game where I was probably more conservative than I should have been and I think that's when it was 3rd and 12 and I kind of dumped it over the middle to Richard Goodman when I probably should have went outside to Greg (Carr) or De'Cody (Fagg) but they had Greg double teamed. That's probably the situation where I should have taken a shot down the field but then again if I throw the ball and it gets picked off than they are in great field position. Hindsight is 20-20 and I am just trying to play how I am coached and I am just doing the best I can out there, to be honest.

Q: There was so inaccuracy on your part against Clemson. Would you agree that you didn't play as well Saturday as you did in the first two ballgames?

A: Yeah. I haven't played well – I feel; like – in the first three games, really. To be honest, I haven't played up to my potential. Really, when you are inaccurate it really just comes down to your feet and your timing and things like that. Looking at the film the one pass that I did overthrow was to De'Cody early in the game on a corner route and there was a linebacker underneath him and I was kind of just … he dropped pretty deep and I had to kind of keep it high and it just got away from me. It just happens, you know. As a quarterback you are going to be inaccurate. I don't think I was inaccurate all night I feel like there was one or two passes on the night where I could have thrown much better but that's just how it went.

Q: Are there times that you feel like you may some happy feet back in pocket?

A: I feel like there are situations where I could have stayed in the pocket a little longer. The offensive line for the most part did a really good job and they (Clemson) have two really good defensive ends that I feel like they contained really well. I feel like I could do a better job (and) be more patient in the pocket (and) stand in there a little longer and throw the ball.

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