Player Q&A: Drew Weatherford Part 2

In the second installment of quarterback Drew Weatherford's interview with the media, find out what No. 11 had to say about backup Xavier Lee, the lack of big plays and much more.

Q: How important do you think it is in the coaches' minds to get Xavier Lee in there to get some reps?

A: That's a decision they are going to have to make. I am not going to speculate how important or the lack thereof it is but he's worked hard. He worked hard just like I do. He deserves to get playing time and that's just something that the coaches are going to have to figure out (about) getting him into the game.

Q: How is he holding up through all of this?

A: I've talked to him. You know, he does as well as he possibly can. I am sure it's a little more frustrating than he shows outwardly, He's handling it really well and his opportunity will come at some point. I've got confidence that he'll go out and play well when he gets his chance.

Q: So much attention has been put on establishing the run but was it tough Saturday to get much of a rhythm with the receivers when you are trying so hard to do that?

A: Well, we didn't have as many opportunities in this game. But that's no excuse not to execute. For whatever reason our timing wasn't good. It seems like when we had receivers open the protection would break down and or I would scramble out of the pocket too early. When I did have time and I did throw the ball I'd miss a little bit – over De'Cody's head for example. We had situations where receivers would loose their footing, which kills timing. For whatever reason it always seemed like something, you know. Nothing was ever executed to perfection.

Q: Has there been a point in time this season where you think the offense has executed properly on a consistent basis?

A: No, that's the problem. It's been one drive here one drive there. It hasn't been a whole half – especially not in the first half. There hasn't even been two consecutive drives that we've really played well the whole time.

Q: Is there an explanation as to why you guys struggle so much in the first half?

A: No. Not that I can put my finger on. Just a lack of execution. I don't know if people are uptight. I personally don't feel uptight when I go out. I feel like I am ready to play when I go on the field. I don't know what it is.

Q: It seems like the fumbles have really killed you guys also.

A: That does kind of kill … whenever you try to start to get momentum it seems like whenever we start to play well there will be a fumble, an interception, a penalty and those things do kind of take the air out of an offense.

Q: There haven't been many downfield plays so far this season. Are teams taking that away from you all or are those plays just not being called?

A: I don't know why we aren't throwing the ball downfield. A lot of teams are keeping safeties over the top in people like Greg, Chris (Davis) and De'Cody. So we can't throw the ball downfield. But there's been opportunities and when we do get those opportunities we just haven't executed well. I am sure that's something we'll improve and will start to do more of.

Q: It just seems like the same things that are happening in scrimmages and practices aren't happening in the games.

A: Our playmakers aren't making plays. Including myself. I haven't made many great passes, hitting receivers in stride giving them the opportunity to turn those 10-yard passes into 50-,60-yard runs. We're going to have to do that. We've got to make plays. The reason we lost was because Clemson made more big plays than we did. That's really what it came down to. In order to beat good teams like Clemson we're going to have to make more big plays than them. Therefore our playmakers are going to have to make those plays.

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