Goodman Working Hard to Fix Mistakes

Through four games this season sophomore wide receiver Richard Goodman has struggled to translate his standout practice play into real game situations. The Fort Lauderdale native wants to fix that.

It's no secret why the Florida State wide receivers were the last players to leave the Seminole practice fields Thursday afternoon.

The unit had to run a little more than the rest of their teammates because of a reoccurring trend by a few of the players. That trend has been well documented and many people have asked why some of the receivers are having a problem with dropping balls.

But while several of the players have had an error here and there, sophomore Richard Goodman's struggles have been the most perplexing.

As a true freshman a season ago, the Fort Lauderdale generated a buzz at summer workouts because of his pass-catching abilities. Goodman played in a handful of games that season but had trouble consistently catching the football.

Fast-forward a year later and through the first four games of the season, it's the same story. Great at summer workouts and in practice but unable to perform when it matters most.

He only has three catches so far this year and has dropped two.

"This year I think I am more anxious than anything." Goodman said. "The crowd and the coaches and everything, that doesn't frighten me, it's just that I see Greg Carr, Chris Davis and De'Cody (Fagg) out there making plays and I am so eager to make a play because I know what I am capable of doing and sometimes things just don't fall my way."

Goodman's struggles on the field have led to a bit of criticism from the media and fans.

With two highly touted freshmen receivers in Damon McDaniel and Preston Parker waiting in the wings, the window on his chance to perform may slowly be closing unless he can translate his practice play into real action.

"If you want to be a great player you've got to be able to take criticism," Goodman said. "As far as me dropping two balls this season it doesn't faze me. Last year being a freshman as far as having the media criticize me it was different but I am taking a totally different approach. I am working harder this week."

He added: "I need to just settle down and make the catch and just be me afterward. Then everybody will see who the real Richard Goodman is."

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