Wide Open

Former FSU and NFL receiver Kez McCorvey (pictured) critiques the Seminoles' wide receivers for TheTerritory. McCorvey, who resides in Tally and has helped form a local business that teaches athletes methods and exercises to improve their physical skills, worked with members of the group in the offseason. He attended Wednesday's morning practice and chatted with Jim Henry. "They need to work hard each play, every down, each situation. Some guys aren't used to competing each play," he said.

Since retiring from professional football nine months ago following knee surgery, Kez McCorvey. 30, is getting that chance to work with young people here in Tallahassee.

The former Florida State and Detroit Lions wide receiver has teamed up with former Seminole baseball player Adam Faurot, current FSU strength coach Dave Plettl and former FAMU track standout Corey Poole to form the Titus Sports Academy (www.Titussports.com).

McCorvey says the goal at Titus Sports Academy is to teach athletes the methods and exercises necessary to take their physical skills to the limits. Athletes everywhere, including FSU, are searching for that competitive edge.

Naturally, McCorvey has kept a close eye on Seminole receivers. Here's what he had to say after watching Wednesday's practice.

"Anquan (Boldin) is probably the No. 1 receiver out there right now. I shouldn't say No. 1, but the No. 1 option because he can get open. He's shifty and he can get open and he would probably be the person who you wanted to look for for that first down. He can make the play downfield, too. If he stays healthy and his knee is fine, he's going to do well. He looks pretty good right now. He also looks a little sore, but that can be expected.

"Talman (Gardner) has looked good. He's probably their fastest receiver. He's also going to be a big-play receiver for them. Anquan, Talman and Robert (Morgan) all look good, look like their top three. He (Morgan) looks a little rusty, just from not being out there for a whole year. He cuts pretty good and it doesn't seem like it (knee) affects him as much.

"Cro (Craphonso Thorpe) has a hip-flexor thing going on right now. He's tall, limber and thin but he looks better than last year. He made some plays for us last year and I look for him to play early and contribute. They have a lot of depth at the receiver position.

"You have P.K. (Sam). He's big and tall, too. He looks very well. He's making plays and he seems to have his technique down pretty good. Right now, my first impression of (Chauncey Stovall) is he's a little out of shape. He's probably not used to the speed here. But he catches the ball well and cuts pretty good, too. He's just not used to the technique that how you do things at Florida State. Every where you go they do something different. But he will get it down and be comfortable.

"Lorne (Sam), he's young. And he played quarterback in high school. But he runs well. He hasn't been out there a whole lot and he doesn't know what he's doing. It's tough on him right now (as a freshman), the learning curve. But they have a lot of talent here. It remeinds me of a couple of years ago when we had a lot of receivers and a lot of depth -- four or five receivers where you can do a lot. They have talent and depth and now it's just a matter of working hard and doing it.

"They look a little tired, but that's usual. They will get over the hump. They need to work hard each play, every down, each sitution. Some guys aren't used to competing each play. But they will get used to that. Jeff (Bowden) will get them right."

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