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FSU practiced in full pads for the first time this preseason Thurday morning. In the always entertaining goal-line drills, the defense stuffed the offense on seven of eight plays. The lone score was a Greg Jones burst against the second-team defense. Additionally, Bowden praised the effort of reserve cornerback Leroy Smith, who had an intercepiton during 11-on-11 drills.

Here our coach Bowden's comments following Thursday's morning practice (the team's first in full pads).

"Well, let's see. We got a little goal-line scrimmage in. Probably had about 15 minutes of scrimmaging off and on throughout the practice. Just easing them into it. Again, I didn't see anybody who looked like they got hurt bad out there. I hope we can stay healthy, because that's a key. We are probably on schedule. Just have to get better, better, better. Kids are working hard. Leroy Smith I thought had an excellent day. Leroy Smith, defensive back, made a great interception out there. Got around the ball. Made some good plays. Kind of jumped out at me. Defense got the best of it on the goal line."

Anything on Milford Brown?

"I have not heard anything. I hope to hear something by Friday.

You mentioned how ragged the practices looked (Wednesday). Did you notice any improvement?

"Well, I am sure there was some improvement. That is what's got to happen. What you see is how far you've got to go. You see that you've got a long way to go. I am sure we made a little progress today but we still have a lot of progress to make."

As Anquan Boldin picked up where he left off?

"I think he has picked off where he left off. The trainer (Randy Oravetz) held him out of contact today. He didn't yesterday. What he's doing is. ... like Robert (Morgan) let them go one session. But I've seen no indication of him being hurt. Or Robert either as far as that's concerned in the work they are doing."

Was there a time last year when he had reached a point of frustration following his injury?

"Oh yeah. That's normal for any athlete who wants to play when they get injured. It's very frustrating and I am sure he felt it – anybody who wants to play as bad as he does."

How is Chauncey Stovall look? Does he look like he's picking up the offense?

"He will pick it up. I am sure he's got a lot of little things to learn, to do it the way we want it done. At least he's got the ability, that's the big thing."

Do you look forward to the defenses owning the scrimmages the way the units have in the past? (FSU's first scrimmage is Saturday).

"I would sure feel better if that happened. If we get out here and start scrimmaging and our offense runs and up down the field, that's going to scare me to death. It's gonna scare me to death."

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