Jeff Bowden: 'He just hasn't been consistent'

With the recent struggles of the FSU football team, much of the blame for the way things have played out has been aimed at a variety of sources. In some cases, a lot of it is aimed at the QB position. But offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden told the media Monday afternoon that if there's going to be a change in personnel, somethings may have to change on the practice fields.

Q: Your dad made the comment that fans don't get to see Xavier Lee at practice and that he hasn't shown enough consistency to get more playing time.

Jeff Bowden: I knew you all were going to ask me (that). Listen, if I have my choice … when I make that decision or I go to him and ask for him to make that kind of decision I wouldn't announce it until before the game. I don't want the spectacle. We don't have a controversy right now. If we need a spark and I feel like that is the best thing to do, I am not going to tell anybody until right before kickoff except for the guy that is going to be starting. That is just the way I would handle it. Now, Coach (Bobby) Bowden might want to announce that, he might want to do something like that on a Monday but that is his prerogative.

Q: What about his comment about his performance at practice?

JB: Xavier has just not been consistent in practice. That is just it. He just hasn't been consistent.

Q: Is there something specific?

JB: Hitting receivers. That is what I mean. Hitting receivers.

Q: It seemed like in the practices that we got to see at the start of the season that it takes him a while to get heated up when he is in there.

JB: That is where I am kind of at mentally with this thing with him, is do you let him go out there and get a couple of drives and let him start to feel good about himself and go ahead and get those bad throws out of the way and then see what happens from there? Those things are in my mind and I am thinking about them. Like I said, when we feel like we need to make that decision we will.

Q: In reference to Drew, your dad mentioned that as a sophomore, Chris Weinke had a game where he had issues with the interceptions and that Drew Weatherford still has a shot to be a great quarterback.

JB: Well, I think so too. What I want is for Xavier to make it more of a battle. I want him to do that out there on the practice fields. That is what is behind it all. I want to see Xavier make it a battle. Like I said, so far this season if I had to grade Drew I would grade him a "B" at best. I think he has played whatever okay is. He has not played great but he has played good. I want to see him play better than good, a lot, and be more aggressive. I think it goes back to that a little bit. I think he has been so protective of not throwing that pick that he hasn't been aggressive. I am sitting here watching the game from last year, Duke, as we prepare for them and I am seeing some pretty tight throws in there that he was making. I am not sure I am seeing that right now.

The previous was just a snippet of Jeff Bowden's sit-down interview with the media. The rest will be posted in the near future.

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