Lee impresses at Wednesday's practice

Coaches have been critical of quarterback Xavier Lee's consistency at practice in recent days. Did the sophomore signal caller do something to change their minds Wednesday?

Florida State coaches have been critical of backup quarterback Xavier Lee the past few days, saying that his inconsistency at practice is what is preventing them from inserting him into the lineup more frequently.

Lee, however, obviously heard his coaches' concerns and head coach Bobby Bowden had this to say following Wednesday's practice: "Lee threw better today than I have seen him throw in a while. I watch those quarterbacks all the time. He threw the ball better today than I have seen him throw in quite a while. I hope it's a good sign."

Lee's inconsistency at practice has been well documented since starting quarterback Drew Weatherford has struggled this season.

Critics and fans have been adamant about a possible change under center but coaches have maintained that Lee hasn't shown the necessary intangibles at practice to warrant such an act.

Lee says that he is trying to do anything and everything to get on the field more.

"The coaches want (to see more consistency) and that's what I'm going to give them," he said. "Just work hard at practice and hopefully that pays off in the end to get more playing time or just to play, period."

When Lee does get to play, some have been critical of the fact that it takes significant time for him to get into a rhythm.

Dating back to his prep days at Daytona Beach Seebreeze High School, Lee has been known for his ability to make things happen in games and not necessarily at practice.

"The adrenaline, the competition that's what it's all about like in games," Lee said. "That's what I am used to. In practices I try to get the same mindset as well. I am working on it."

As the Seminoles continue preparation for Duke Saturday, Bowden said that no plans have been yet for when or if Lee will get to experience that adrenaline rush Saturday. Bowden also mentioned that Lee sees "hardly any" time with the first team at practice unless it's an occasion where they rotate him in with Weatherford on certain plays.

Either way, No. 9 says he is prepared.

"I am just going to continue practicing like I am the starter and keep working hard and do my part," Lee said. "It happens then it happens. I will be ready."


RenegadeReport.com: Coach Bowden said that Xavier had a very good day at practice. Can you elaborate on that?

Dickey: Well, Xavier's had good days a lot. He's had a good season so far and he's prepared and ready and his attitude's great. He's upbeat and he's moving around he's keeping the pressure on himself to get better. To me, it was just another good day for him.

RenegadeReport.com: Both Jeff Bowden and Bobby Bowden had said that his consistency has really been the issue.

Dickey: His consistency has been a little bit of a question but that's with everybody at practice when you are working on mechanics and technique and making reads and things like that. It also needs to be taken into consideration that he works with the two's. He doesn't have as much time to make some of the decisions regarding throws and reads because he's going against the No. 1 defense everyday. The pressure is a lot more from the one's. But I have been impressed with Xavier this year and he's doing fine.

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