Robinson reveals why he wasn't PR at Duke

Patrick Robinson was said to be the new starting punt returner for the Seminoles heading into this past Saturday's matchup with Duke. But that proved to be untrue when the Tribe hit the field in North Carolina.

It was reported last week that true freshman cornerback Patrick Robinson had unseated veteran Chris Davis as the starting punt returner.

But when the Duke Blue Devils lined up to punt for the first time Saturday, it was Davis that stood at the other end of the field awaiting the punt.

Robinson revealed Sunday why that was the case.

"I kind of had a bad week (at practice)," he admitted. "I guess my head wasn't in it. At punt returner I kind of had a bad week. I dropped a couple of balls."

Fielding kicks, Davis had a lukewarm day in Durham, N.C.

The St. Petersburg native actually returned two separate kicks over 50 yards Ione was called back because of a penalty) but also mishandled one and turned the ball over.

Davis' inability to provide much consistency means that with a good week preparing for the Boston College Eagles Robinson could find himself in that role this weekend.

"The job is up right now I think. Hopefully if I have a good week (this week) I will be the starting punt returner," Robinson said. "Even if it is not me we are going to have somebody back there that can produce."

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