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While FSU's defense held the offense to a pair of scores -- touchdown and field goal -- in Saturday's scrimmage at Doak Campbell Stadium, the big story was injuries. Anquan Boldin re-injured his left knee and, two plays later, reserve quarterback Adrian McPherson was lost to an ankle injury. Here are coach Bowden's comments on the scrimmage.

Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments following Saturday's scrimmage.

"Before the practice, I said I hope our defense can do good. That's a bad sign if our offense runs up and down the field, so I got my wish. Held him pretty good. But we are still ragged. Still ragged. All of them are ragged. First offense took the first drive went in for a touchdown. It was against the second-defense, but it was a good-looking drive. Then we started substituting, substituting, substituting and lost continuity. From then on, the offense had a rough time. I hope our defense played a big role in that. Maybe they did. We had some boys who went down today. Just talking to the trainer (Randy Oravetz) it didn't sound severe. It kind of scared me a little bit, but again maybe it's not severe.

Do you think the injuries to Anquan and Adrian affected the players mentally since the second half was certainly not as productive?

"I don't know how much that had to do with it, but it had something to do with me, I know that. You got to figure the kids might react the very same way. They don't like to see their buddies go down. I don't like to see them go down either. Maybe that played a role, but I think we were just really pretty ragged in there. We didn't even get Greg Jones in there. We saw very little of Nick (Maddox), but the times he was in there he really made some big plays, so that was encouraging.

Why did you hold Greg Jones out?

"I wanted to try to evaluate the other backs. They all got some work. The other backs got a lot of work. (Wille) Reid probably got more than any of them and I thought he did a good job. The other three (Lorenzo Booker, Thomas Clayton and Leon Washington) had their good runs and they had their tough ones. They got baptized today. Couple of them really got baptized, the rookies."

What raced through your mind when Anquan went down?

"I was thinking how unlucky it would be if he got injured again. This might be the very same scrimmage he got hurt in last year, the first one. I was thinking about that. I think a lot of these things, when a boy is coming off an injury, there is a little scare going on. And he's afraid he hurt it like he did. And when they check it....sometimes those things need to break down to break down the restrictions and everything that get in there. It might work out for the good – that's what I am hoping."

How did Chris Rix look?

"Chris looked good. He had some moments where he threw to the wrong people, but most of the time he looked good. I know this, nothing happened until he got in there. When he was in there, some things happen. That was good. I thought he did pretty good. He had a couple of errant throws that weren't very good."

On Adrian's injury, Alonzo Jackson tackled him even though McPherson was wearing a green non-contact jersey.

"Well, that's right. And they are not suppose to. In fact, I think Alonzo had two tackles today and he got hurt on that one. I know he didn't mean to, but that's what that green shirt is for. You can't touch him."

Your team was ranked No. 3 in the AP poll?

"I look at it like this. I see how much work we have to do. We have a lot of work to do. But we can do it. When you are working with so many people, there's just no continuity on offense especially. So now you have to start getting down to,'Okay these are the five guys we are going with, let's get these guys ready to play football.' And we will do more of that next week. We will definitely start doing that. We won't until the last week."

Did the poll surprise you a little bit?

"Yeah, I didn't expect us to. ...I am surprised we moved up (from fourth in coaches poll). It surprised me a little bit but it's not a big deal because it's so early in the year. I just hope we can live up to that."

Didn't you say before you felt Miami should be No. 1 again (the Hurricanes are ranked No. 1 in both preseasn polls)?.

"I kind of always felt like that who ever wins it the year before, and until somebody unseats ‘em. And when you are as good as they are and have the players they have coming back – they lost some good ones – but they have it going. So that does not surprise me."

Milford Brown played today. Is that a good sign.

"We know nothing. It's a shame something can drag that long. All you have to do is say yes or no. It's probably gone on since the end of spring training. Bob Minnix has been working on it all summer. He's even made trips. I thought our first offensive line did pretty decent. Defense threw a lot at them, threw a lot of stunts and blitzes at them but they held up pretty good overall."

With Alonzo you probably saw a lot better pass rush that you saw last year?

"It was better. You have to be improved. With a year of experience under you, you have ot be improved. If they wouldn't working hard they wouldn't be but I think they are working hard."

Are your freshmen backs about equal?

"It looked like it today. I wanted to see if anybody could just jump out. And to be honest with you at times they did good. At times you could tell this was another league. Another league. The thing I liked about them, they all ran hard. None of them backed off."

It appeared that Willie Reid picked up where he left off?

"Yes he did. He's for real. Nick looked good. We had Nick in some pass situatioins. He did good when he was in there. Greg, we didn't even look at."

You and Jeff (Bowden) were talking at the half.

"I was telling him we lost continuity. We took the opening drive, ran it in for a touchdown – it wasn't against the first defense. Then we put the second in and we started to substitute. Lost continuity completely. We wanted to look at everybody. Find some answers. Who needs to be where."

Fabian got a lot of snaps today and wasn't particularly productive. It seemed like he was holding onto the football rather a long time.

"It could be he couldn't check the defenders and he was having to hold the ball.I think a lot of that was probably true because Fabian, I don't think, ever worked with the first unit. I think he always worked with the second. They worked against the first. He did some good things and he had some poor things, like nearly all of them."

Who among your receivers stood out?

"I thought No. 21 (Talman Gardner) made some big plays. The othes made some plays but I thought 21 a couple big ones."

What is your initial feeling about McPherson's injury and what do you with Walker over the next couple weeks?

"Well, I just hope McPherson's is not severe and we can get him back. If we don't, we will just have to move Walker up in there and work. And probably even have to get the freshman (Wyatt Sexton) to get some reps. You want three of them. You are going to prepare two but you would like to have three available. We will have to see what the extent is."

Will you think about bringing Matt Henshaw back (from tight end)?

"Not yet, I haven't thought about that."

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