Player Q&A: Myron Rolle

True freshman safety Myron Rolle wanted to become an important piece to the FSU defense when he signed with the Seminoles out of high school. In his first season, he is getting his wish and then some because of injuries.

Q: You came to FSU wanting to play right away. You are getting a lot of reps now.

Myron Rolle: "It felt like I didn't leave (the field. I played kick off, a little bit of punt and pretty much all the plays on defense."

Q: What do you make of all these injuries?

MR: "It's unfortunate that we are getting so many injured guys. I remember watching us last year when I was in high school the injuries seemed like they were piling up on the offensive line and now it seems like they are hitting the linebackers and our defensive tackles. It's a little difficult but we just have to try to make it through and do the best with what we have out there."

Q: And a lot of those guys are important guys.

MR: "It's tough because those guys play intricle roles on our team. They are key players. You never want to see anybody get hurt. You never want to think about anything like but all you can do is pray for them and hope that somehow they are able to come back and practice next week or even play in that game. You just try to stay positive and not really think about injuries. You think about playing hard and making plays. If they happen that's a part of the game. You just try to avoid them."

Q: Does it get you thinking just how dangerous this game can be?

MR: "I guess it just tells you how vulnerable you can be playing. Geno (Hayes) is one of the most flexible, durable guys I know and we saw him slow to get up. So I was like, ‘Man that can happen to any one of us.' It's tough when it happens like that and you don't want it to happen to you and you don't want it happen to another guy. We are already shorthanded at a lot of positions so you just have to keep playing and do the best when you are out there."

Q: How does it feel to be such an important part of the defense as just a freshman. Tired yet from never getting to leave the field as you mentioned?

MR: "I definitely was exhausted after (the Duke) game. It was one of my goals to play a lot and start at Florida State as a freshman. I think it's very rare. I always try to set my sights on guys that came before me like Deion (Sanders) and Terrell Buckley and those older guys. See how their careers panned out and sort of parallel their career in any way if I can. I think I am doing good so far but now that I am playing a lot it time for me not just to be out there but to make an impact and change the game with a big hit, an interception, a fumble recovery for a touchdown or something like that. I want to make those plays."

Q: The way things are playing out, you are almost viewed as a veteran on defense. Do you feel the need to be that type of player?

"I think so. Patrick Robinson is a young guy in the secondary who I try to talk to as much as possible. (And) even some of the safeties that aren't playing … Anthony Leon. I just try to talk to those guys as much as possible. Getting game experience is invaluable. You could say that you are ready to play at practice but until you actually know what you are doing and how your mind will take you one way if you hear the crowd. There's so much going on that can affect you in that type of atmosphere. But since I have been out there for three or four games now I have gotten used to it. I won't call myself a veteran but I think I am pretty experienced and can help some of those guys out."

Q: Would you agree that with all of the young guys getting meaningful playing time it will only make you all better?

MR: "I think that sometimes and I also think to myself how very good we are going to be next year and the year after that. All of us are going to be juniors and seniors. There's a big difference between someone who has been in the program three years and one year. Even myself, I still make mistakes here and there. I just think the future is very bright for us. Even with the young guys right now we may be going through it but in the future we are going to be OK."

Q: In some ways that same logic can be applied to this season, too.

MR: "Absolutely. When we get rolling and our season gets a little further along … a lot of these guys are getting in. Dekoda Watson is playing a lot more now and Kevin McNeil. We are going to be guys who can be counted on not just to fill spots but to make plays. I think that's definitely a positive for this team."

Q: What are your impressions of Boston College and the importance of Saturday's game?

MR: "We know it's a big game. We know Boston College is a very physical team. The play hard. They run to the football. We know it's an ACC game and this could pretty much determine if we get an ACC bid or not. We want to take this game seriously. Focus this week as much as possible. Whether guys are on the field or whether guys aren't on the field we still have to go with the mindset that we are going to play hard, fast, Florida State football. Run to the football. Attack the football. Do the best that we can on defense and really get back that reputation of being a ball-hawking, ball-seeking defense. I think that's what we try to do even with the reserves out there. No matter who is on the field we are going to play our game."

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