Scrimmage Skinny: Offense

Injuries to Anquan Boldin and Adrian McPherson threw a wet blanket on the Seminoles' scrimmage. Frustrations aside, FSU must continue to improve with Iowa State on the horizon. Each segment is highlighted, with notes, quotes, grades and summaries. Sure, FSU's veteran line -- guard Montrae Holland is pictured -- was solid but "my biggest concern is our consistency right now. Will we be able to drive the ball down the field over and over and over. I didn't see that," Jeff Bowden said.


Starter: Chris Rix

Reserves: Adrian McPherson, Fabian Walker, Wyatt Sexton

Scrimmage Skinny: It was obvious Rix still has the best command of the offense. He looked sharp on the opening drive, completing 4 of 6 passes for 38 yards from the no-huddle. He capped it off with a 1-yard sneak. Despite the nice start, offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden felt Rix was careless with some of his decisions. Rix was intercepted on the pass intended for Boldin, and he also suffered a second interception in situations on a tipped pass.

Surprisingly, neither McPherson or Walker looked overly impressive, though both had their moments. McPherson has a wonderful touch on the longer pass, dropping a 20-yard completion over the middle to P.K. Sam, while Walker is more effective with medium-range darts. Obviously, McPherson's injury could shuffle the rotation if he is out for an extended period of time. Don't look for Matt Henshaw to move back to quarterback unless Walker is overmatched. If that happens, it might be time to start biting a finger nail or two.

Territory Grade: B-

Quote: "Not good. I completed most of my passes, but we are not as polished as I would like to be. First scrimmage. A little rusty. We just have to polish things up and get more comfortable with all the rotating and be more consistent, like we were for that first drive." - Chris Rix.

"I didn't think he (McPherson) performed very well. He just didn't seem in sync with signals, with what we were doing. I didn't know where the confusion was coming from. Then he got rolled up a little bit on the ankle. I have to talk to him to see what the miscommunication was or the misunderstanding was with the signal system. There's nothing new. He hasn't had a problem to date on it, so it kind of caught me off guard. I don't know. I will have to find out what the problem was." - Jeff Bowden on Adrian McPherson.

Fun Fact: Top Five single-season performances: Chris Weinke 2000 (4,167 yards), Thad Busby 1997 (3,317), Peter Tom Willis 1989 (3,124), Chris Weinke 1999 (3,103), Charlie Ward 1993 (3,302).

Running backs

Starters: TB Greg Jones*, FB B.J. Dean

Reserves: TB Nick Maddox, TB Willie Reid, TB Lorenzo Booker, TB Leon Washington, TB Thomas Clayton, FB P.J. Selvidio, FB Torrance Washington.

Scrimmage Skinny: Jones was held out so others could get some reps. Made wonderful sense.

First, the freshmen. All three tailbacks worked with the first unit at some point during the scrimmage. All three looked quick on pitches with room to wiggle, but it's between the tackles where they looked tentative -- no surprise there. Torrance Washington exhibits plenty of power, but he also was stopped on a third-and-1 up the middle by linebacker Allen Augustin.

Also keep an eye on Reid, who ripped off a wonderful 26-yard run in the first half and scored on goal-line drills on a left sweep. And don't worry about Maddox, either. He looked comfy in any set, and the Seminoles mixed in the no-huddle, three-, four- and five-receiver sets.

Territory Grade: B

Quote: "My biggest concern is our consistency right now. Will we be able to drive the ball down the field over and over and over. I didn't see that. Some of it was substitutions. Probably most of it was substitutions. We will see the next scrimmage when we start limiting the number of reps the younger guys are getting and we start focusing on the players who are going to play against Iowa State." - Jeff Bowden

Fun Fact: Top five rushing seasons: Warick Dunn 1995 (1,242 yards), Sammie Smith 1987 (1,230), Warrick Dunn 1996 (1,180), Greg Allen 1983 (1,134), Warrick Dunn 1994 (1,026).

Wide Receivers

Starters: Anquan Boldin, Robert Morgan, Talman Gardner

Reserves: Craphonso Thorpe, P.K. Sam, Joey Kaleikini, Chauncey Stovall, Lorne Sam, Travis Smith, Dominic Robinson.

Scrimmage Summary: Don't look now but Gardner is the only experienced player who is at 100 percent health-wise. Boldin's knee injury certainly threw a wet blanket on the scrimmage. While Morgan continues to grind out his recovery, he looked rusty, dropping a perfectly thrown sideline pass. Thorpe's toe sprain is causing problems, and he may need an MRI to check the "integrity" of the toe joint. Stovall was a non-factor, and won't one until he learns the system and rounds into shape. P.K. Sam is talented and will need to step up. And ol' Dominic Robinson ain't too shabby -- one of his receptions was on a low, outside strike. Nice athlete.

Territory Grade: C

Quote: "He wasn't telling the doctors what happened. That's what I observed. They were trying to find out. I kind of wanted to hear from him. Did it pop? You know that feeling when it happens. And he really wasn't sure. He looked more scared than anything. I was trying to look in his eyes and see. ... he looked more scared than anything, and I don't blame him because he worked so hard to get back. It would devestate him more than anything if that thing were hurt again. I just wanted to look in his eyes to see if I can tell." - Jeff Bowden on Boldin's knee injury.

"I did all right. I just have to get in a groove. I think I've got back in it the couple of years. The whole group (of receivers) is falling into line. We're working on our timing but we still have another week of two-a-days," Robert Morgan on his performance.

Fun Fact: FSU's leading receiver past five years: Javon Walker 45 receptions, 944 yards, 7 touchdowns, Snoop Minnis 63-1340-11, Peter Warrick 71-934-8, Peter Warrick 61-1232, E.G. Green 54-1059-11.

Offensive Line

Starters: C Antoine Mirmambeau, G Montrae Holland, G Todd Williams, T Ray Willis, T Brett Williams, TE Patrick Huges

Reserves: C David Castillo, T Alex Barron, G Matt Meinrond, C Andrew Henry-Kennon, G Matt Heinz, G Ron Lunford, G Milford Brown, T Eric Broe, Corey Niblock, TE Paul Irons, TE O.J. Jackson, TE Matt Henshaw,

Scrimmage Summary: Looked fine, which shouldn't be a surprise when talking about the starters. This is an experienced group where excuses will fall on deaf ears. The second- and third-team lines could be a concern, however, There seems to be a noticeable dropoff, which is hardly surprising since, as an example, none of the available guards have any game experience. If Brown is ruled ineligible, he will be sorely missed. One bummer, however. The line was unable to muscle up on first-and-goal from the 2 as Reid was stuffed at the line for a short gain on the unit's opening drive. Rix scored on a sneak the next play, but that's not what the coaching staff wanted to see. The unit's pass-pro was solid but that should be expected, too.

Territory Grade: B

Quote: "We started off kind of good, but then we started rolling in some more people, so I think that was kind of confusing on the substitution part. But overall as an offensive line I think we did pretty well. We have to work on picking up the twist a little more - we weren't too sharp on that where they first started throwing that at us. But we started picking it up toward the end. But overall for the first scrimmage I thought it was pretty good." - Brett Williams

"My No. 1 concern was Anquan going down. That concerns me. You can see right off the bat that having him out there we can move the ball if we just throw it in his area. I was concerned with the throw that got him hurt because it was thrown to a covered receiver. Chris, still, we're careless with the ball a little bit. We just have to be smarter.

"I thought the offensive line played well. I came out here and told Daryl to come out here with the intent of let's find out what we have throwing the ball, what we can do throwing the ball. I thought we threw well early. We came out real smooth. But as we got into the scrimmage and started to get into some substitutions and trying to mix personnel groups with different sub plans, it just didn't look like we were on the same page. I am a little upset about that." - Jeff Bowden on offensive performance.

Fun Fact: Offense average yards per game last five years: 2001 (426 yards per game and 34 points per game), 2000 (549-42), 1999 (425-34), 1998 (401-32), 1997 (452-40).

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