Young WRs ready for some more reps

The FSU passing attack has had its ups and downs this season. There haven't been many big plays to date and some of the veterans have struggled with consistency at times. Enter: freshmen Damon McDaniel and Preston Parker.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden admitted earlier this week that he isn't necessarily happy with the production from his starting group of receivers.

Sure, junior De'Cody Fagg nabbed seven receptions in the victory over Duke and added a score but also displayed a growing trend among the receivers with consistent repetitions throughout the year. The Quincy native dropped a few passes that should have been catches.

His drops weren't helped by the fact that sophomore Richard Goodman also dropped yet another. Senior Chris Davis hasn't had as big of an issue with drops but the occasional miscue has been there. Sophomore Greg Carr, who tied his career-high with three touchdowns.

But despite Carr's strong showing, Bowden wants more from that position as the team leans more towards a spread offense. Wanting more likely means calling on a few youngsters in the not-too-distant future.

"Dad has been pestering me to get them in the game more," Bowden said. "I was really happy for Damon McDaniel because he is sitting there and his roommate (Preston Parker) is ahead of him on the depth chart and it really didn't have anything to do with it. We just felt like Preston was maybe a little better reverse runner but I think Damon showed that he is a pretty strong runner because he had to break a tackle to get up in the endzone.

"They are going to be good football players, I just wished we had played them more up until this point." Bowden was referring to the performance from both true freshmen in last Saturday's game at Duke. McDaniel earned his first-career touchdown and Parker looked good once again fielding reverses. The two combined for five receptions for 77 yards and the and the score.

The two looked good running routes and Parker even showed the ability to pull down a pass on the sidelines and keep a foot in bounds.

"I am just trying to be a part of the team instead of sitting on the sidelines. I come out to practice everyday trying to work hard and show the coaches what I can do. I think it's paying off and I hope I get to play more. I have been watching a lot of film and just trying to get better.

"I don't really know how much we are going to play this weekend. It's never guaranteed so all I can do is do what I have to do out (at practice)."

Parker's wish to get in the game sooner and as much as possible, as well as McDaniel's same intentions, just may come true pretty soon.

Bowden also admitted that he wished they had been utilized more earlier this year.

I should have been playing them more. We played every freshman in the first game of last year and I think with (graduate assistant) Ron Dugans handling my substitutions with the wide receivers and being young as a coach I think he is a little (less likely to put them in)," Bowden said. "Do I put them in on third down but last year we bit the bullet and played the young kids. We have to do it this year. It is not like we are playing with a stacked deck at wide receiver.

"I am looking for some push."

Added McDaniel: "Me and Preston are ready to help out. Hopefully that's the case the rest of the season."

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