Was Weatherford nearly benched Saturday?

Florida State's offense hit a lull in the middle part of Saturday's loss to Boston College with quarterback Drew Weatherford under center. So how close were coaches to putting Xavier Lee into the game? A lot closer than some may think it turns out.

Florida State starting quarterback Drew Weatherford admitted Monday that he was almost benched in favor of backup Xavier Lee Saturday against the Boston College Eagles.

The sophomore signal caller said that quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey told him he "had to make something happen" or Lee would be inserted into the lineup.

"I wasn't pleased necessarily with that, I thought that other than one play I had done my job and executed what I had been asked to execute," Weatherford said. "But at the same time they needed a spark – they did. Our offense was very stagnant. There wasn't big plays being made and I am just pleased that they allowed me to stay in and give me a shot."

And he responded to that extra opportunity leading the Tribe on one of the better drives of the season to cut the Eagle lead to 21-17 early in the fourth quarter.

After the threat of being replaced by Lee, in fact, Weatherford nearly guided the Seminoles to a come-from-behind victory before his final pass was intercepted in the endzone.

"I asked (Dickey) if he had any suggestions really – probably not in such a moderate tone," Weatherford said. "If there was anything that he saw out there. If I needed to be taking more chances downfield. I just needed an answer. I wanted to know what I wasn't doing out there or what I should be doing out there that he saw."

"Really what it came down to he just said I was doing my job but we just needed a spark for our team," he continued. "I guess that's what they thought the answer was. I think he kind of realizes and the coaches realize that I am the kind of kid that's not going to shut down. I will respond a situation like that."

Now the question is: How does Weatherford and the offense respond staring down a possible .500 record this weekend in College Park, Md.?

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