Bobby's Corner

The Seminoles returned to the practice field Monday morning, and coach Bobby Bowden shares his thoughts on the 24-period session. Practice ended with the offense scoring six-of-eight times on the defense in goal-line drills. The defense then doubled-up on conditioning drills as punishment.

Here are coach Bowden's comments following Monday morning's practice.

"Well, we just had a first up there, the second team scored four times in a row on the first defense on the goal line. That usually don't happen. Heck, the offense scored the first five times they had the ball on the goal line. Again, you don't see that happen very often. The offense really got the best of it. Normally, the defense gets the best of that drill.

Pat Hughes got knocked out – missed half the practice. (David) Castillo sprained an ankle. Moderate sprain from what I understand. The other guys who were injured in Saturday's scrimmage and missed, thank goodness I don't think any of them were severe. There were some injuries but thank goodness they weren't severe. Last year those types of injuries were out of the year. Mabe that's a good sign. Not a bad practice for a Monday. Kids worked pretty good."

Talk about your noseguard position because of the injuries.

You just have to move the next man up. Move the next man up. That's why you have to have more than two players to play a position. Or four or six. Somebody else has to step up and play the role until they can get back. I believe Travis (Johnson) out to be back. (Jeff) Womble will be out for awhile."

When Womble returns, when does his suspenion go into effect? (Jeff Womble was suspended for the opener for violating a team rule).

"It was one game for us. A first-game suspension. It's not a situaton where he got hurt and (you) add another game. It just happened that way.'

When you reviewed the scrimmage, did anything jump out at you?

"Well, I think the biggest thing about scrimmaging like that, you see what you need to do. You see things like we can't do this, we can't do that. The big thing you see things that you can correct and get better at to make your team better. A lot of times you don't discover that thing out there during the week in practices like we have. When you get into scrimmages, they show up. We saw a lot of room for improvement. Like I told the boys, none of them played the best they could. That means we can improve. If that's the best we can play Saturday, we would be in bad shape."

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