Player Q&A: Drew Weatherford

Florida State starting quarterback Drew Weatherford recently spoke about his team's loss to Boston College. The following is some of the highlights of that conversation, including topics such as his costly interception, the play of Chris Davis and the offense as a whole.

Q: What did you see when you watched the film of the game against Boston College?

A: I thought we executed fairly well for 80 percent of the game but it is not for consistent drives at a time. We will play good (for) five or six downs and then we will have two or three where we won't and we will have to punt the ball away. We gave them 14 points as an offense because of the interception for a touchdown and Caz (Piurowski) fumbling the ball, which ended up on the one (yard line). Penalties hurt us as well. We are just making way too many mistakes to beat quality teams like Boston College, NC State and Clemson.

Q: Thoughts on your interception just before the end of the first half?

A: Actually, what happened is they had been playing quarters to the field (side) for almost the entire game and the safeties and corners would play at about the same level - about eight to 10 yards - and what happened when I got the snap was they rolled down into it. When I got the snap, it was down and to the right and I didn't even get a chance to look so I caught it and I was trying to be really decisive and I thought they were going to do what they had done previously in the game playing off of Greg Carr and trying not to allow him to beat them down the field. I was just trying to be decisive and catch the ball and throw the ball. It was a 3rd and 2 and I was just trying to throw a simple hitch route on the outside and they rolled into cover two and the defender made a good play.

Q: So you didn't see the cornerback?

A: I didn't see what the defense did.

Q: What do you get from experiencing that?

A: It's funny because typically I would do what I usually do and take the shorter throw. It was a mirror route. We had the same route on each side and X (wide receiver) had the same route that Z (wide receiver) had and the throw from myself to Z is a lot farther than from myself to X. That is kind of a basic rule of being a quarterback that you want to take the shortest route possible and I didn't do that.

Q: Were you happy, though, that you were all taking a shot to get down the field before the end of the half?

A: I was happy. I was pleased. Earlier in the season we didn't take a shot and I was kind of disappointed we didn't at least try to drive it down and get a field goal. I was happy with the fact that they were doing that and that they gave me the opportunity to drive the team down and get us some points. Boston College is the type of team that is very good at controlling the ball and you don't really have very many opportunities to score against them and it was disappointing I made that mistake.

Q: Was the overthrow to Greg Carr in the second half your fault?

A: Well, we actually ran a takeoff where we have Chris (Davis) and Greg on the same side and Chris reads the safety and Boston College, they are an excellent two safeties and typically in the two-safety look you never throw outside because they pinch off the outside guy. In that particular play, when Chris got vertical the safety stayed inside, and I was looking at Chris, and because they safety didn't get over the top and the cornerback is thinking cover two and that he has help and he let Greg go by expecting that help over the top by the safety and Greg popped. I thought I threw it soft enough but it is almost like he popped so wide open so fast that I just put a little too much on it. If I could have taken it back I would have just pinned him on the sideline because it was definitely going to be a touchdown if I hit him. It was unfortunate.

Q: How happy were you with the play call on the touchdown pass to Carr?

A: It was a great call. Right when I walked up to the line of scrimmage I knew he was going to be open. I looked off the safety real hard and Greg made a good move. They are going to play him hard on the outside when we get into the redzone and it was a great play call. He made it look easy.

Q: How exciting is it to get a play call where you already know that it is going to be a success?

A: Yeah, right when they called that I knew once Greg got vertical like that, that they would likely expect the same play because we knew we had one-on-one coverage and he stuck to post and even before the snap I knew walking up that it was going to be a touchdown if I made the right throw. I got a chance to be really decisive, to be able to step up into it and the offensive line gave me great protection because it was a long route and we got it done.

Q: That play has generated a few touchdowns this year, right?

A: Yeah, we sure have.

Q: It sees like despite some of his big numbers does it surprise you that his number isn't called that much?

A: It kind of just depends. It has to do with the position that he plays and what the defense is willing to give to us. Especially against Boston College, they play so soft and with Chris Davis playing the slot he had a lot of opportunities because they dropped so deep and we were able to hit him underneath.

Q: Davis had probably one of his best games in a Seminole uniform Saturday.

A: Yeah, he played phenomenal in every aspect of the game. He blocked great. He made a great catch on the goal-line, which is one that not many guys could make.

Q: He mentioned on that catch that you threw the ball very hard.

A: Yeah, it was just a great catch. I have a lot of faith in him. Ever since I have been here he has worked very hard and we have always had great chemistry together. I am glad that he finally had a coming out day because he is very talented and it just gave us an opportunity to hit him a lot.

Q: How much does it matter that you have so much confidence in guys like that?

A: A lot. I think they have confidence in me, too, and it works both ways. I really have a real good bond with Chris and, to be honest, with all the guys I play with. Everybody plays a little different and I have a feel for them. Just being out there and having more experience I understand what is going on a little better, which obviously makes me better. Just our timing is a lot better and we are more consistent.

Q: Jeff Bowden said that he wished he had put you all in a spread formation sooner in the season. Do you agree?

A: It suits our offense better. We have great backs. They are great receivers out of the backfield and they are not 220-pound backs that are trying to hit the hole and move the pile in a cloud of dust. They are great in space. They do a really good job of running out of the shotgun. I also feel our offensive line does a better job blocking out of the shotgun. When we spread everything out I just feel like they are able to see everything much better. It is much harder to disguise blitzes and things like that. I just feel like an offense it suits us much more.

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