Patiently waiting

Backup quarterback Xavier Lee hasn't had the Seminole career many predicted he would have. Midway through his sophomore campaign, however, the Daytona Beach native remains positive. Just ask the player in front of him on the depth chart.

It was reported earlier this week that starting quarterback Drew Weatherford was nearly pulled from the game against Boston College in favor of backup Xavier Lee.

Struggling to generate much offense at home, FSU coaches thought that a spark was needed and a change under center seemed logical. Lee was told to get warmed up and ready to go in but it never happened.

Weatherford was granted one last chance to put some points on the board and he did just that. Coaches stuck with him for the rest of the game and Lee, as has been the case in four games this season (five if you don't count his one-play appearance at the end of the Clemson game) never took a snap.

The latest twist in Lee's FSU career just about sums up his three years in Tallahassee. It has been a stint thus far that has been defined by struggles rather than the immense success that many predicted the former "Mr. Football" in Florida to have.

And it's clearly been frustrating for him. Oftentimes Lee is the first Seminole player to jog off the field after a game. Not out of spite, but rather disappointment that he hasn't been able to help a reeling team that is staring down a possible .500-mark heading into the month of October.

But that dissatisfaction never gets in the way of the team.

One of his closest friends, Weatherford says that despite Lee's dissatisfaction of the way things have played out, he doesn't let his frustration show.

"He has been nothing but positive in meetings and he has never been negative," Weatherford said. "I am sure it is difficult for him. If we were winning it would be one thing but especially going through hard times when you are losing and you feel like you can go out there and make plays to help a team win, it has to be frustrating."

"It is a tough situation to deal with," Weatherford continued. "Your team is losing and that is really the main thing that he is worried about. He has a lot of ability and believes he can do some things out there and he wants the opportunity to do that and I understand that. If I was in the same situation, I would act the same way if I was in his situation."

Lee displays those afore mentioned traits at practice everyday. It is not uncommon to see the Daytona Beach native heading off the practice fields with a smile on his face or joking around with teammates while they are doing interviews.

If he is doing an interview with the media his FSU buddies often return the favor. It is evident that he is well-liked among all members of the team. He has a large fan base both on campus and off.

In fact, it's a bit surprising that a player of his caliber and notoriety coming out of high school has remained positive in the locker room despite the way things have panned out.

Credit that to his optimism.

"I came here for a reason so whatever that is I am waiting for it come," Lee said. "I have been working hard it just hasn't paid off yet."

Lee admits that he didn't play well against Duke when he got his first significant minutes of the 2006 season. He threw three interceptions and didn't look comfortable until he was put back into the lineup in the fourth quarter.

He is anxious to get past that performance.

"I want to get those memories behind me and just get some more playing time," he said.

As the regular season continues and the Seminoles continue to search for answers on offense, there will always be questions about whether or not Lee is going to make an appearance and possibly make an impact.

Transfer rumors will continue to swirl because of the type of potential he possesses but Lee is quick to point out that you shouldn't pay too much attention to whispers around campus.

That optimism shows up once again. He's hopeful when talking about the remainder of this season and maybe, just maybe, he is referring to future seasons in the garnet and gold.

Asked if he has a healthy store of patience left, Lee said: "Yeah, yeah … I am holding on to it."

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