Player Q&A: Antone Smith

It can be argued that tailback Antone Smith has been one of the few bright spots on an FSU team that has struggled mightily this season. Here, he talks about sharing carries with Lorenzo Booker, the future of Florida State and quarterback Xavier Lee.

Q: You seemed to be fighting a little bit harder to get extra yards against Maryland.

A: I am always determined to run the ball. I just want my carries. I want to produce. That's my plan every time I go out there. I am just going to try to produce for the team.

Q: Lorenzo Booker got to go in to the game on two consecutive series. Why was that and why didn't you get to do the same?

A: There was a time when I was supposed to go in on one of the series. Coach (Billy) Sexton said, ‘he only went three and out.' (referring to starter Lorenzo Booker getting two series in a row) This is just what you all want so I'll go along with it. I learned to deal with it now. I don't let it bother me too much anymore. Sometimes I be upset but I just have to deal with it.

Is it tough to get into a rhythm when you have to split carries?

A: That's the hardest thing. You go in there and you get hot and you have to sit out a series or two then you get in there and you get cold so it starts all over again. That's one of the most difficult thing for both me and (Lorenzo) Booker. Not just for me. It's hard but we making it work some way.

Q: Can you change it in any way?

A: It starts with Coach Sexton. There was times (Saturday) when I was hot and they wanted Booker back in there. I can't argue with them. They are the coaches and it's their decision.

Q: Do you and Booker talk about it?

A: We talk about it but we both want the ball so we can't talk too much. You know how that is.

Q: What was different about the running game against Maryland?

A: We moved the ball a lot faster, "Zai" (Xavier Lee) was in there and there was times when he didn't see anything down the field and he was running it. It's kind of like he has a dual threat both in the backfield and quarterback. We lost like you all know but the future is very beautiful.

Q: What can you say about Lee?

A: "Zai" throws probably the most beautiful ball but it's also coming at 120 mph. It's something you gotta get used to. I don't want to catch his balls in practice. He throws the ball like cannons and I don't want to catch them. But in a situation like it was last night you have to catch those balls.

Q: Kind of makes you wonder what might have been had he not gone through some struggles.

A: The future is going to be big for Florida State.

Q: What is the team's biggest problem right now?

A: We are not playing Florida State football. We've got to definitely pick this thing up.

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