Player Q&A: Xavier Lee

Monday afteroon, FSU coach Bobby Bowden said at his weekly luncheon that quarterback Xavier Lee in all likelihood would start against Wake Forest this weekend. In this Q&A, Lee talks about starting, his play against Virginia and why he has been wearing gloves on both hands.

Q: Did you figure you were going to be named the starter?

A: I definitely didnt jump to conclusions because I know Drew has been doing well with the team and he has started 20 consecutive games and I respect him. I thought coach could go either way.

Q: What have you taken from your performance Saturday?

A: From watching film I don't think I did as bad as I thought I did because I was a little bit harsh on myself. I think if I just was a little bit more relaxed and just hold the ball a little bit more and made a couple plays here or there the game would have been a lot more exciting.

Q: Why the difference in your calmness from on the road in bad weather to at home?

A: I have clue. I definitely have to find that. I don't know.

Q: Were you more nervous to start at home than at Maryland?

A: Definitely. It's different being in front of your fans and people that you really know instead of on the road.

Q: What was it like to have a full week to know that you were starting as opposed to being told one hour before the game?

A: It felt better that way (being told one hour before). It was more of a surprise. Now I've got my first start at home out of the way. I am a lot more confident and lot more calm now.

Q: What do you see from Wake Forest's defense?

A: Their defense is real sound. It's a really smart university. I'd imagine that they would be pretty sound on defense.

Q: There was a run that you had in Saturday's game where you were shoved on the sidelines after running kind on nonchalantly. Is that something you anticipate coaches talking to you about in correcting and getting out of bounds sooner?

A: I am quite sure he will. You don't want to ease up that close to the sidelines. You just get what you can and get out of bounds. Don't take any unnecessary shots.

Q: Did you think that you had stepped out before he hit you?

A: I don't know. I was just about to step out and he caught me good. But it's a part of football?

Q: What is the story with wearing gloves?

A: When it's cool, my hands get really dry and it slips out of my hand a lot. So I wear a glove to eliminate that altogether.

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