Warren talks about injury, Jeff Bowden

Will FSU's sarting tight end be able to play Saturday? And what does he think about the resignation of Jeff Bowden?

Perhaps the following quote from standout freshman tight end Brandon Warren symbolizes the 2006 Florida State football season.

"This is like the worst year for injuries in my life," he said Wednesday night. "(But) it's college football. I just have to deal with it."

Like the team, Warren's luck has appeared to run out this year. First he battled with a hamstring injury mid-season and then against Wake Forest he sustained a hip-pointer.

The injury limited him in practice but as of Thursday he still plans to suit up against Western Michigan this weekend.

"I ran some routes today," Warren said. "I did all the reps with the twos, basically. I've got to play. I want to play."

After Thursday night's practice, he was scheduled to receive a cortisone shot in his hip. How he reacts to the treatment could very well determine how much he plays Saturday against Western Michigan.


On how the team has dealt with the resignation (quotes are from Wednesday night):

A: I don't know exactly what is going to happen. We just found out and the way I feel about it is that if it is going to benefit Coach (Jeff) Bowden kind of hanging it up and stuff not really wanting to deal with the criticism and all this, that, and the other then I respect him for that, if he is ready to be done with football because a lot of people stay on his case about the offense and all kinds of stuff. A lot of times I don't think itss the play calling or anything like that. I just think that sometimes we aren't executing the plays all the way. It's sad to say because I like Coach (Jeff) Bowden and I was getting kind of used to the offense. With him leaving I guess we will have to buckle down and learn a whole new system. It is going to be tough but we will get over it.

On his recruiting class being a tight-knit through all of the recent events:

A: We are a tight group. During recruiting I think (recruiting coordinator/tight ends) Coach (John) Lilly told me that this was one of the classes that spoke with each other during the recruiting process. Every week I was talking to somebody in my class. We are all kind of upset about it in a way but we are not going to complain if we get a top-notch offensive coordinator. It is just that we were all kind of getting used to what was going on and the plays and such and it is going to be hard to switch over. It took a while to learn what we have already learned.

On staying focused:

A: Our main focus is to just finish out the season as strong as we can. Coach (Jeff) Bowden hasn't said anything about after these two games and a bowl. He is still pounding on us to play the games. Let's go win. Let's go out on a high note. That's our main focus this week preparing for Western Michigan.

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