Player Q&A: Myron Rolle on the Gators

You've heard about it, now here it is. FSU standout freshman Myron Rolle recently shared his thoughts on the Florida Gators and fellow freshman Percy Harvin. The following is the highlights of that conversation.

On this Saturday's game:

"I expect it to be a very good game. I expect the emotions to be high, especially a lot of guys on our team know a lot of guys on their team. We might have been teammates in high school or all-star games or even me, All-American games with a couple guys on Florida's team. I know that it's going to be added incentives to play the hardest and do the best you can."

On beating a Gators team that has had succes this year:

"It definitely helps to know that you beat a team like Florida, a rival, a great team, a nationally-ranked team. It can sort of alleviate the pain you feel from those five losses. It still doesn't erase the fact that we lost those games, but it can give us great momentum going into our bowl game and even better momentum going into next year. I just see how the school has reacted to this game, so many people staying, not really going home for thanksgiving or coming back Friday night. So it's a big deal and the magnitude of this game is tremendous, something I've never seen in college before, especially being part of it now."

On if he has followed the rivalry through the years:

"I definitely have followed it. There's some great players that played in the game. There have some been some big plays made in the game."

On his "rivalry" with Percy Harvin:

"When somebody's on top the next guy wants to be where he's at, and I woudn't say that we're the best of friends but I think that it can be settled on the field. You don't want to talk about it, you want to do something about it and at safety I'm in a good position to make some things happen and let him know that I'm here and let him know that we're not the best of friends. So I think it should be fun seeing #8, #11 I think (whichever number Harvin is) out there."

On if he plans to play a little harder against him:

"Absolutely. A little extra."

On not focusing entirely on Harvin:

"The first thing you have to do is your responsibility. You're an accountable player on the field. Everybody has a job, everybody has an assignment. Do your job. But once my job, and I have it all settled and I'm in my zone and if I happen to seen him come across the middle, it should be a fun thing. It should be a good occurrence for us."

-Transcribed by Bryan Baker

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