Senior Sendoff: Lorenzo Booker

Fifth-year senior tailback Lorenzo Booker is set to play his last game inside Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday. The California native recently spoke about what it would mean to end his career on a high-note against the Gators and how this game compares to last season's contest against Virgina Tech.


"Around here you either want to win the national championship or go to a BCS bowl and if you can't do that then you at least want to be state champs. I don't know that state champs means more anywhere else than here. That's one of the reasons why guys like myself come all the way from the other side and play for a program that takes football really serious like around here. That's just about the most serious thing going on all the time. So being state champs would really give everybody in the whole city, anybody up and down the state that's a Florida State fan, it would really give us a sense of closure in terms of the Gators and the 'Canes can't ever tell you anything no matter what they did because you beat them. So at least we know we'd able to feel good at home without having anybody else try to rub anything in."

On if Saturday's game compares to the contest aganist Virginia Tech last season:

"This is Florida. I think it probably reminds me most of 1998 even though we're not in the position to compete for a national (championship), but they were supposed to come in here and to blow us out we didn't have Chris Weinke and had the number one offense in the nation ended up scoring 12 points. If we could pull one of those out of the bag, it would be nice."

More on that game:

"Guys really, just they'd had enough of everything that went on, and we really took matters into our own hands. We weren't worried about anything else. We knew that we had to win that game. So I think that's the best thing that we can do, is stop worrying about what we did and worry about what we have to do."

On the 1997 FSU-UF game:

"They knocked us out of the national championship that year. So hopefully we can return the favor."

On being underdogs:

"In a game like this it's a rivalry. So regardless of what the records are and what both teams have done up until this point it doesn't mean anything, because pride is on the line now and that means more than any trophy, especially for the guys that are from this state cause they played with all those guys. I never played with those guys, but I still hate them just as much. When pride's all the line it's something totally different in itself. That's when you find out that people can do things that you've never seen them do before."

On having personally good games against Florida and Miami and the chance that he can change that:

"As a running back the more carries you get, the more you get into a rhythm and then the natural instinct can take over and that's when you really start to exploit and bust the big runs."

More on FSU-UF:

"This isn't the type of game where you have to get in people's faces and pump them up or anything like that. If you can't get pumped up for Florida-Florida State, especially seeing as how we have a chance to kind of salvage a lot of things that happened this year, we can send JB out on a good note and spoil everything for them, which probably will feel even better. If you can't realize all that stuff on your own and get pumped up, you're probably a corpse out there anyway."

Transcibed by Bryan Baker

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