Paige a key prospect for 2007

Five-star WR has gamebreaking speed missing from the Seminole roster.

If you had to put a finger on one key attribute that is missing from the Florida State wide receiver corps, speed would likely be that absent trait.

Without the services of speedsters Kenny O'Neal and Fred Rouse, two players dismissed from the program last offseason, FSU wasn't able to stretch the field in the same way this season that it had in the past.

Chris Davis, De'Cody Fagg and Joslin Shaw proved to be ample possession-type receivers but only Greg Carr was able to contribute big plays on a somewhat consistent basis - and even did that with size rather than speed.

That is why signing a few speedy receivers is so critical for the 2007 recruiting class.

One such player that is already on the board for the 'Noles is Louisianna receiver Ahmad Paige. The four-star pass-catcher committed to FSU several months ago but his recruitment has been up and down in terms of his feelings for the program.

He has remained committed but with the disappointing season and the question mark at the offensive coordinator spot, the 6-foot-3 standout still remains a hot commodity and an important target for the 'Noles.

Wednesday, FSU coaches made the trip to Sterlington, La. to witness Paige's prowess on the hardcourt as he is also a standout basketball player.

The importance of bringing in a talented player in the mold of Paige is obvious and expect Seminole coaches to continue to follow his recruitment intently.

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