Tuesday's practice report

The Florida State football team practiced twice on Tuesday as it continued its preparations for its Emerald Bowl match-up against UCLA on Dec. 27. The Seminoles practice again Wednesday and Thursday before departing Friday for San Francisco.

*The Seminoles returned in the afternoon and practiced for 14 periods in shells (Shoulder pads, helmets and shorts).

*Highlights of the 11 on 11 drills in the afternoon session included: A 60-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Xavier Lee to wide receiver Greg Carr; a sack by freshman defensive end Everette Brown; a pass deflection by linebacker Lawrence Timmons and an interception by safety Roger Williams. Quarterback Drew Weatherford led the offense on a touchdown drive with a scoring pass to Lorenzo Booker in the final two-minute drill of the day.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden
(opening statement)
"We went two-a-day yesterday, two-a-days today; tomorrow we'll go one a day, start about twelve o'clock. No more two a days. Pretty good, practice has been good so far.

(on long break and passing)
"As you practice, you begin to get the feel of it back in there again. I think in bowl games, the passing teams have a better chance. You can get the passing game easier then the running game. So I think if you have teams that are outstanding passing teams, they might be at an advantage at a bowl.

Wide Receiver Greg Carr
(on the passing game)
"It's doing good. We're older now so we have been through a lot of games so we know what to look for. We feel like it is getting better because we all know what to expect out of one another now. We have been through at least, some of us, in two seasons together."

(on UCLA's defense)
"They get great rushes from their defensive line and their ends are good. They play good pass coverage. They do a good job disguising their coverage's and making it hard for teams to know is going on out there."

Safety Myron Rolle
(on his action figure)
"That happened my senior year in high school. A couple of kids who do a lot of film in our school came to me with the idea they wanted to do a Myron action figure. I said okay, I'll do it. I thought it turned out pretty well, it won first place in out school film festival. It's pretty cool.

(on his teammate's reaction)
I've gotten a lot of messages and phone calls about it. I think it is a good comic relief. Andre Fleullen told me he thought it was hilarious. A lot of trainers saw it too, so that is cool."

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