Photo Gallery: Emerald Bowl 3rd Quarter

Part three of the Emerald Bowl photo galleries. This time we get into second half action and shots from the 3rd quarter.

Trickery as Drew Weatherford passes behind the line to Chris Davis

Chris Davis then back to Drew Weatherford

Weatherford complete then to De'Cody Fagg for 29 yards

Lorenzo Booker showed his toughness

Jacky Claude and Mario Henderson in blocking action

A common theme through the 1st three quarters, a 3rd field goal by Gary Cismesia

Coach Bobby Bowden strolling the sidelines in his 30th consecutive winning season

Freshman Dekoda Watson blocks Aaron Perez's punt

Junior Lawrence Timmons returns the blocked punt 25 yards for a touchdown

The celebration in the endzone

Running backs Antone Smith & Russell Ball with wide receiver Rod Owens, all inactive for the Emerald Bowl

Lorenzo Booker had one of his best career games

J.R. Bryant got in the action as UCLA spread out their offense often

Roger Williams and Myron Rolle can't stop UCLA's Chane Moline on this 8 yard TD

Freshman Seddrick Holloway attempts to block for Michael Ray Garvin on this kick return

Though he had great numbers, Booker couldn't get past the line of scrimmage on this drive

Graham Gano boots the ball 46 yards with no return

True freshman Kevin McNeil makes a tackle

Other freshman defensive lineman Everette Brown

Timmons showing fatigue after holding UCLA to a 3 and out

Rolle had his hand in the 3 and out also

Jacky Claude sets up to block on the following series

Greg Carr got slapped with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty on this scrap

Patrick Robinson sprints down field on a punt

Senior Darrell Burston sets to rush the quarterback

Together for the last time, until the Pro Bowl?

The Tribe maintained a hard-nosed defense all game

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