Jeff reviews offense

Despite some miscues in the opener against Iowa State, Jeff Bowden likes the Seminoles' offense. The unit scored four times in the first half, and twice on drives at least eight plays. Overall, the Seminoles' accounted for 449 yards and 31 points. Senior guard Montrae Holland (pictured) was one of three Seminoles who received ACC player of the week honors. "We really got potential to be an outstanding offense," Bowden said. "i just think what we could achieve and could be really strong."

You didn't play any four-receiver sets against Iowa State. Why was that?

"We just didn't favor it. We liked our package and we felt like that was just more. We had some new stuff out there as far as what they seen us do in the past that we didn't run last year. So, that was enough for the first game. That is part of our notebook – that is in. When we feel like we can use it, find where it can help us, we'll bring in it. We will utliize four wide."

Did Craphonso Thorpe simply not practice enough to play Saturday? (Thorpe appeared in just two plays and had an MRI on his sore toe Monday night).

"His practices weren't good enough. I just didn't feel like he was 100 percent. To some degrees you have to convince me you are ready to go and I just wasn't convinced he felt good enough. It wasn't worth losing him for two more games. Best bet is to get him well and try to teach him that you have to practice to play. That's part of it, too."

Were you pleased overall with the effort?

"The effort. I didn't see any problems. Anquan (Boldin) had a bunch of loafs. It was fatigue. He fatigued. He played a lot more snaps than I wanted him to. I had a good sub plan for him but he wouldn't come out of the game. He just would not take himself out of the game. I kept asking him, ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?' Yeah, he was okay. It never got to be a question because we didn't have but one long drive the second half. That's where I really knew he was going to need it. But looking at the film, I should have subbed for him a lot more early on. I think he would have been more productice some of the times when he touched the ball."

Does that mean you will pull him out more against Virginia?

"I am going to rotate more guys to keep everyone more fresh late in the game. It looked like there was some heavy legs a little bit in the second half. Obviously with him because he missed a year. You didn't notice it with Robert (Morgan), but Robert's not 215 pounds. But Talman (Gardner) looked a little heavy legged too and that's always pretty typical when you get done with two-a-days. But I would like to get a better rotation working."

What was your biggest positive from the game?

"I liked the line. Three out of the five linemen I thought played reall good. There were a couple of mistakes. Two guys had more missed assignments than any of the others. Their effort was great, but missed assignments on the line get you killed. Overall, I was most pleased with the offensive line. And Greg Jones' running. Just tough running."

What were your disappointments?

"Well, not disappointment but looking at the film and seeing how good this offense can be. If we start correcting mistakes. There are too many guys right now that are still trying to do things they would get away with in high school and they make adjustments on their own and it just kills the design of plays. I am talking about receivers more than anybody but they will get better. We have to be more discplined on offense.'

You only had four second-half at-bats also against Iowa State.

"One ended short, that was the pick. That was just a poor drop by Chris (Rix). He also hitched a couple of times on the throw and then it was behind him (receiver). Everything you could do wrong happened to him. Thank goodness it only happened once. He will see it. I think every quarterback in that particular route goes through that. It's a scary route for them because it can stay and turn into a deep ball. But the other two I wasn't real happy with. We have to get penalities cut down. That one goes on us."

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