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The Seminoles dodged thunderstorms Tuesday in preparation for their home opener against Virginia at Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU held a 22-period practice session in full pads. Here are coach Bobby Bowden's comments on the session.

Here are coach Bowden's comments following Tuesday's practice. The Seminoles went outside then had to return within 15 minutes, because of lightning.

"It was very scary out there early in practice. We went out and probably got about 15 minutes of work done and had to come back inside and the lightning and everything went around us. So we were lucky. We did need to get that practice in and I thought we ended up with a decent practice."

Lift provided by Anquan and Robert's return:

"I think it meant a lot. I think it meant a lot. I think it actually had an effect on us winning the ballgame. Not only did they make plays, but their leadership probably helped. When you got into a panic situation that leadership really comes in. They probably added a lot."

Concerned about the team's kickoff returns?

"There ain't no spark when the guy kicks 'em out of the end zone. ... It's like how people played us when we had Janikowski. They wouldn't waste a lot of time on returns, because they knew he was going to boot it out of there. So I think a lot of it had to do with their kicker. The ones we brought out I thought we did pretty good on, because the kid kicks 'em high and back in your end zone. I'll be honest with you, I was wanting us to stay back in there anytime it was close."

Punt returns - it's been since Warwick's junior year since you've had a major threat there.

"We probably work on it as much as anybody. But usually that goes back to whoever's returning that punt. You either have got a great one or you haven't. Nick broke one or two, but it seemed like they were always called back. But, lately, we haven't. I thought ol' Dominic did a good job last year returning punts. No. 1, you've got to have someone who's not going to drop the ball. A guy who won't drop the ball - that's got to be number one. Then, if he's got some stuff that helps. We're better, I thought, than we were the other night."

Have you picked a punt returner?

We'll probably see the same order, though he wouldn't mind seeing Washington back there some. "The thing about Dominic [is] he never drops it. ... He's a pretty smart little runner. ..." "Sam's not bad and Nick's not bad. It's just we couldn't get away the other night. Some teams cover better than others. Some of the them protect poorly and we go after the punter. Some of them protect real good and don't cover as good, we return it. ...."

What do you see out of Virginia?

".... Their offense scores a lot of points. They're very talented offensively. He uses many, many formations. We better line up properly. The touchdown they [Iowa State] caught right before the half, somebody was in the wrong place. That was six points. Here's a team that they jump around. You better know where to line up or they'll get an uncontested touchdown. So they're very capable offensively and defensively they're playing a lot of young people. So when they're good, they're good. When they're not, they're not. It's kind of like us the other night. When we were good, we were good. The second half, we weren't very good."

How do you handle UVa not naming a starting QB?

"We have to get ready for both of them. ... One of them can run real good, kind of an option quarterback. The other one's more of a typical dropback passer."

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