Jones back from FSU, now hosting the coaches

Five-star safety has returned to Louisiana from Florida, welcomes in members of the Seminole staff.

Five-star prospect and No. 6-rated safety in the country Chad Jones made the trip from Louisiana to Florida this past weekend to check out the Florida State campus.

While there he got to tour both Doak Campbell and Dick Howser stadiums as he will likely play both football and baseball at the collegiate level.

"It was a good time, I liked it a lot," he told Renegade Report Monday morning.

Unfortunately, that's where the interview had to conclude for the time being as the 6-foot-3 and 232-pound defender had to get off the phone in order to welcome some special visitors into his home.

"Can you call me back?" he said. "The FSU coaches just got here."

And that's where we shall leave it for the time being. Check back later for the full interview with the standout safety...

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