New faces on staff only help the FSU program

Tuesday's hiring of new running backs coach Dexter Carter marks the end to what has been a process that Seminole fans would soon like to forget – although it's safe to assume those same fans approve of how it all finally worked out

Gone are Jeff Bowden, Daryl Dickey, Mark McHale and Billy Sexton.

Enter Jimbo Fisher, Rick Trickett, Lawrence Dawsey and Carter.

Doubt head coach Bobby Bowden's ability to direct a dominant program if you must but if you break it down, Division I college football's winningest coach just may have put together one of the top offensive staffs in the entire country - if not the very best.

Bowden, McHale and Dickey – three men not necessarily known for their strong ability to recruit prep talent – were replaced by three coaches in Fisher, Trickett and Dawsey, who are considered some of the very best at attracting prospects.

It's hard to argue that those three new Seminole coaches are not some of the very best at their respective positions in terms of actual coaching, too.

Carter may not come to Florida State with as much experience as the rest of the new faces on the staff but he is a proven winner at both the collegiate and professional levels.

And it's key not to look past the importance of what both Dawsey and Carter bring to the table. Coach Bowden mentioned before season's end that he felt strongly about diversifying his staff.

The hiring of two African American coaches accomplishes that feat while at the same time helping recruiting even more. No longer can opposing programs use FSU's lack of minority coaches as a negative recruiting tool.

Dawsey and Carter join defensive line coach Odell Haggins to form a formidable trio of coaches that prospects are likely to have a hard time saying no to.

With recruiting season closing in on the final stretch, the new members of the offensive staff have their work cut out for them if they want to finish strong. It's going to be a challenge to recruit against a University of Florida program that is still marveling at its national championship trophy.

But the dream team of Fisher, Dawsey, Trickett, Carter, tight ends coach/recruiting coordinator John Lilly and the master finisher, Bowden himself, should be able to handle it just fine.

Now it's time to bring in a linebackers coach that possesses the same traits as the other new guys. Then an offseason of question marks ends with the inquiry, "Is it time for spring practice yet?"

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