Underrated OL prospect being looked at by FSU

Boca Raton offensive lineman A.J. Ganguzza recently hosted one of FSU's new offensive coaches and has set up a visit to Tallahassee. Is an offer on the way?

New Florida State offensive line coach Rick Trickett has only been in Tallahassee for a short time, but it's already clear that a new brand of football is going to be played in the trenches.

Trickett likes his players to use their athletic ability and aggression to beat blockers rather than their size. The new mentality has led to a shake-up in the players currently being recruited to play on the offensive line.

Instead of going after 300+ pounders, Trickett, in contrast to his predecessor at FSU, is targeting his own type of guys.

And perhaps no high school prospect epitomizes that logic than West Boca Raton High School standout A.J. Ganguzza.

The 6-foot-3 and 265-pounder was originally looked at by FSU recruiting coordinator/tight ends coach John Lilly during the former regime of offensive coaches but he didn't fit the mold of targeted players at the time.

With the addition of Trickett, that quickly changed. So much so that the new Seminole coach paid a visit to Ganguzza this week.

"They were looking at 6-foot-5 and and 6-foot-6 guys," Ganguzza told Renegade Report Thursday. "Coach Lilly came and saw me but the old coach wasn't interested. Now Coach Trickett is looking at me so it's exciting."

So, what does Ganguzza think of Trickett?

"I really like him. He's a really good coach," he said. "He likes his guys to get after people and be aggressive and that's how I play. He makes you work really hard but that's a good thing. I am not afraid to work."

Ganguzza, who has yet to be offered a scholarship by Florida State but said "they (FSU) are talking about it," will make the trip to Tallahassee the weekend of January 26.

The journey from South Florida to the Panhandle won't be an unfamiliar one, however, as both of A.J.'s sisters have attended FSU. It's also the school that he grew up watching and he has attended many games in the past.

"I have always liked FSU since I was a kid," he said. "They were my childhood favorite. I like them a lot."

Ganguzza currently holds offers from FAU and FIU and Pitt has shown some interest in the past. Although he is listed as a defensive tackle in the Scout database, Ganguzza is being recruited as a center or guard by Trickett.

Florida State is his current leader.

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