Prospect Q&A: Rae Sykes talks recruiting

Four-star defensive end Rae Sykes on deciding between Florida State and Tennessee. The Alco, Tenn. native visited the Volunteers last weekend and the Seminole the weekend before that. What's the latest in his decision between the two?

Renegade Report: How was your visit to Tennessee?

Rae Sykes: It went well. It went real good.

RR: What stood out the most?

RS: Well, I went to Coach (Phil) Fulmer's office and I don't know if he painted his office but it was all black and had these plasma TVs and all ... but thats not relevant. I saw the athletic center for the first time. It has computer labs, phones for one-on-one's with your tutor, mentors and stuff like that. It was really nice.

RR: How would you rate your visit to Tennessee compared to Florida State?

RS: I can't really compare. We'll, let me think ... FSU-Tennessee. FSU is a little farther away and Tennessee is 15 minutes up the road. FSU has my man Brandon (Warren) there. Tennessee is closer to home. That's a factor.

RR: Is that a big factor?

RS: No, not really.

RR: Are you leaning one way or the other right now?

RS: No, I am undecided.

RR: When are you announcing?

RS: We have a press conference at the school at 1 p.m. There are going to be some people from the news there and that's when we are all signing.

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