Player Q&A: John Frady part 2

FSU center John Frady recently took time to sit down and speak with Renegade Report's Brandon Mellor and the Tallahassee Democrat's Steve Ellis. In the second installment of this Q&A, he talks about changes in the weight room, the differences in the new offensive scheme, and more. "I watched (West Virginia) and I am scared to see what Antone (Smith)could do in this kind of set up."

Q: Coach Jon Jost was saying there are some changes in the weight room. The music is off and those kind of things.

A: "We are trying to get a little more quality work I guess. Coach Jost has done a good job of that. I have personally made gains and I'd be willing to s ay that everyone has made some gains since we started back in January."

Q: He has made the point that you guys are doing more stuff with the hamstring to help with the ACL and the knee.

A: Yeah. We have always done a good bit of hamstring work and knock on wood my knees haven't exactly been a problem. I am more trying to really get that shoulder back to where it needs to be. But I have noticed that there is an increased emphasis on the lower body – the hamstring especially, trying to take the load of off people's ACLs."

Q: Is there more running?

A: "Yeah. That's one thing that has been nice. We have been doing it as a on offensive line. It's a lot easier to get motivated when you are not out there by yourself. We kind of push each other and it's made a huge difference since all this started."

Q: So you are all working real well together? Maybe more so now than in the past?

A: "Offensive line, more than any other position on the field, you have to have five guys acting as one. Since we have been here we have had shuffling of the line and people getting hurt and people having to switch (positions). We haven't really ever had one single season where we generated a good bit continuity together. That's the thing that we have really got to get is have people stay healthy and people respond to all the new scheme or new terminology and get on the same page."

Q: Have you gotten in the film room yet to watch some tapes of the kind of stuff that Trickett does? And even Jimbo Fisher, too?

A: "I have looked at some and I know that a lot of guys have gone up there and taken a look at some LSU stuff and some West Virginia stuff. We are just trying to get a feel for it more than anything right now."

Q: Do you expect the scheme to be much different?

A: "It's going to be different. My high school coach, Coach Corky Rogers at Bolles, he's got the record for most wins in the state of Florida. I remember one time we were talking about this team that was running a whole bunch of different defenses against us. He said, ‘Well, there's three places they can line up. They can line up head up, they can line up inside, they can line up outside. You've just got to block them.' That's the kind of attitude we've got to get. Football is football. He's got to be one of those three places. It's just a matter of how we've got to get him."

Q: Is it easier to get to those places without the extra weight?

A: "You know what, I think so. We haven't done any evaluative measures like the performance index but I feel quicker. I think it's going to help greatly."

Q: Do you see that same attitude from your teammates?

A: "Yeah. I've noticed that as an offensive line we've seemed to be way ahead this mats compared to where we were last year and that's real encouraging."

Q: In terms of finishing them?

A: "As a whole, we look quicker. People aren't getting so tired that they stop thinking. I think that's definitely going to help."

Q: You said it a little bit in the beginning but just in talking to you it's clear you are pretty excited about this season.

A: "Oh yeah. I can't wait to start really getting into the nuts and bolts of this stuff. Coach Fisher, he's got a great track record, as well as Coach Tricket and Coach (Lawrence) Dawsey and Coach (Dexter) Carter. It's going to be different and I think it's going to be fun."

Q: It's got to be exciting to see the amount of guys that these coaches have helped get to the next level – particularly Coach Trickett for you.

A: "He's put a lot of guys in the NFL. But that's something that is of secondary importance right now. You've got to worry about the here and now. What happens later that's not something that we can control at this point. I mean, you want to do what you can to help yourself but the big thing is you want to do as well as you can for the team."

Q: Coach Trickett has talked about the importance of leadership. He has said he's looking for that as much as who's going to be at the proper weight. Are you one of those guys that you feel this has to be your role?

A: "We are fortunate, we are going to have four seniors going into next season and I think that's something that all of us are going to have to do and work on is that. I am not so much a vocal guy as I try to lead by example. I have been trying to show some of these younger guys that you can get done what we are trying to do. It's not impossible. It's going to be one of those things where hopefully we will have all four of us step up and really set an example for anybody."

Q: When he mentioned to you guys about being under 25 percent body fat were you already under it?

A: "No. I was over the first time we got in. Then when we got in (Tuesday) I was under."

Q: Was it a pretty significant drop?

A: "Five percent."

Q: That's a lot in that amount of time.

A: "And it's good. It can't stop once you get to 25 percent. It's something that the lower the better while still being big enough to play offensive line."

Q: The myth is that you guys aren't athletes up front but you probably have to be as athletic there as any position on the field.

A: "Yeah. We have had some really athletic offensive lineman come through here. Alex Barron being the obvious example. We have had guys do very well in the performance testing. Cory Niblock was always very good. Last year at 315 I got second on the team in the performance index. I think it's an unfair assumption to say offensive lineman aren't athletic. We have guys like Dumaka (Atkins), he does things on the field that you wouldn't think a 200-pound guy, let alone a 300-pound guy. So, I think that's one of our strengths as an offensive line. We've got some athletic guys."

Q: Can you just talk about the importance of that?

A: "Especially in Coach Trickett's style, you've got to be able to be quick and be able to reach people and block people in space. There again, we go back to that he wants lighter linemen. That just makes us quicker (and) more adaptable to getting up on linebackers and hooking people that are wider. I was watching some film of West Virginia's offensive line. They've got that good quarterback, (Pat) White, and (Steve) Slaton, that running back. I watched them and I am scared to see what Antone could do in this kind of set up. It's just exciting and we're ready to go."

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