Player Q&A: Richard Goodman

Junior receiver talks about mat drills, new wide receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey, being more physical and more.

Q: Can you just talk about mat drills and how the offseason has gone for you and your teammates so far?

Richard Goodman: "We are getting better everyday. That's the most important thing. We've got to be tough. If you want to be good, you've got to expect that you are going to have some ups and downs. Everyday I am getting better and the team is getting better."

Q: It seems like the atmosphere has really changed since all the new coaches were hired.

RG: "It's a lot of excitement with all the backgrounds of the coaches coming in (and) the success they've had in the past and everything. There's a lot of excitement."

Q: What is different about Lawrence Dawsey compared to Jeff Bowden?

RG: "He's more laid back. He's more of a player coach, being that he played the game. As far as certain situations he can understand more of where we are coming from as our downfalls and when we are having success how to control it."

Q: What are your impressions of him?

RG: "He's been here and done that. Things we are trying to do he's already accomplished. He's played at the next level. He's played college football (and more) specifically he played here. He knows how the mood is and what it takes to get the job done. He's gonna give us our best shot. We will have an opportunity to make plays and help this team win a national championship."

What are some of the things that he has talked about specifically having you guys improve on?

RG: "The main thing he wants to get off our back is the (issue of) being physical and toughness. All the articles about us about being bad blockers and not physical and everything. He wants to get that thrown out the window."

Q: Does that mean working harder in the weight room?

RG: "Workouts have been intense as far as benching and everything like that. I don't think that we weren't physical last year I think it's just mentally with all the problems of losing games in the fourth quarter, there was so much adversity going on and one thing led to another."

Q: Coach Dawsey has said he's looking for playmakers. Do you feel you can be that player?

RG: "Pretty much our whole receiving core has the talent enough as far as being a playmaker. Everybody is at Florida State for a reason as far as out receiving core goes. It's just the point of going out there and doing it. All the articles over the summer and in two-a-days (saying) everything about this guy here is going to do this … it's just the time to put away all that and actually show it."

Q: How much do you know about the offense that the new staff wants to run?

RG: "I pretty much know he does a variety of things. Screens and running plays and it's pretty much wide open. Everybody is going to touch the ball. It matters what you do when your opportunity comes."

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