Everette Brown breaks it down

Redshirt sophomore defensive end talks about the off-season so far, changes since the hiring of the new coaches and what he has been doing to get ready for 2007.

On some of the changes since all the new coaches arrived:

"There has been a dramatic change as far as the intensity that each coach is bringing to the table. It's new for some of them too but all of them bring high intensity and overall it's pretty good because we don't have a station where just because it's a new coach that station is not as a good as the station with a veteran coach. That's been a good part. I have high regards for the coaches. The new coaches coming in have set a good tempo and it's making everybody better."

On the team having a renewed sense of energy and excitement:

"Coming off 7-6 last year, it's kind of one of those things that you just want to erase and just get into the next season and hope for the best. But then with the new coaches coming in with high expectations, it's kind of rejuvenated everybody. Some of the players that may have been second team with coaches before now feel they have a chance to actually challenge for the starting position. It makes the competition level rise that much more. When guys are in the situation where they like to get up and go work out and have something to look forward to, it just brings the whole intensity level up as a team. We are out there competing against each other we are ready for spring ball to start."

On the defensive ends doing a better job of pressuring the quarterback this year:

"Coach (Jody) Allen, one thing that he always talks about is us getting more pressure on the passer. That's one of the things that we are focusing on. I feel I fit that the most. That's what I want to do. I want to rush the passer. I want to get after the passer and just harass him all game. As a defensive end unit, that's something that everyone is working on in their dimension of the game. This spring is going to tell a lot. I know we have a young offensive tackle on one side looking at (Daron) Rose. Then you have (Shannon) Boatman on the other side so it's going to be a competitive spring. But at the same time we've got to stop the run but we are going to focus on the pass rush, too."

On what he has been working on personally this offseason:

"Basically all dimensions of my game. Mat drills, you are working on your agility and quickness (and) learning how to just keep going full speed while you are tired. When it gets late in the fourth quarter you still want to get that great takeoff to beat that tackle. He's 300 to 315 pounds backpedaling all game trying to block you. In the game, he's worn down trying to still block you. If you've got that little extra burst to get that great takeoff, that can be the difference in getting pressure and getting the sack."

On his weight and where he wants to be in time for the 2007 season:

"I've been hitting the weight room pretty hard and getting stronger. I am right at 245 now. I lost a little weight just to lose some body fat to tone up. It was one of my personal goals. Throughout the spring I'll probably put on five more pounds. It just depends how I feel in the summer. I may add 10 more pounds but I feel great right now. I feel faster and I feel stronger so that's a plus."

On what he has seen out of the offensive linemen since new coach Rick Trickett arrived:

"The biggest difference I have seen is their attitude. In the past, what I had seen was basically some guys as an overall offensive line, they were motivated at times but at times it was kind of like ‘we are just going to show up and play.' These guys, all of them seem like they are working real hard. They are running extra. They are watching their body fat and losing weight. They are getting stronger and overall just having a tougher attitude. Just having that tough, hard-nosed attitude that Coach Trickett wants to bring to the table. He wants guys that are going to fight for him. That's going to help the overall team because at practice, when the offensive line is bringing it just like the defensive line is bringing it, it's going to help the team."

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