Coach Q&A: Jimbo Fisher

The first FSU spring practice session is in the books and new offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher talks about the excitement around the team, finally getting on the field, his first-day impressions and much more.

Q: How does it feel to finally get out on these practice fields?

A: "It's fun to get out on the field. That's what we love to do and that's what the kids love to do – come and play all season. It's necessary, you have to do it and when you get out on the field, that's their sanctuary. It felt real good."

Q: First day impressions?

A: "We are trying. We've got a long way to go. We are trying to be tough. We are trying to be competitive. We are trying to compete on every play and do the things were asking. But we are not there. But I did not expect to be there. They are trying to get there. It takes time to establish things and we have to learn each other. I was pleased with today."

Q: How are Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford working in terms of reps with each team?

A: "It's 50-50. Each ran 50-50 with the (first-team) and the (second team). (Christian) Ponder did a real good job today, too, with the (third team) on all his throws. So, it may be a three-man race. I was pleased with them, you never know."

Q: How did it feel to see Coach Bowden up in his tower watching over what was going on?

A:"I forgot. I didn't realize until the end that he was there. Because we get started and I wasn't used to that. I will have to remember from now on. It's a good feeling to know that the winningest coach in college football is standing looking at you and when you make a mistake he can help you so you can help the kids."
Q: It seems like the tempo has changed a lot.

A: "It's an adjustment time for them to get used to me and me to get used to them. I like the fast tempo. I like to burn it, I like to give effort and get them in the habit of playing fast and playing hard. If you don't practice tough, how can you play tough?"

Q: Is that something that you are trying to change from perhaps the way things used to be run here?

A: "I don't know what the tempo was before. I just know the tempos that I am used to and the things that I like to do."

Q: Do you sense the buzz around town and around this team and all the excitment of a new year?

A: "It's just because it's changed. Anytime you have change there's excitement. People wasn't to know what to expect."

Q: Can you just talk about how well the quarterbacks are picking up the new system and terminology?

A: "It's going to take time. It's easy when you draw it on the board and put it on there but when there's 11 guys on the other side and looking around real fast and causing you problems, that's what makes being quarterback so hard. Even the terminology. It's hard for them to execute it when they haven't set it in their mind over and over so it's second nature. When they get that part of it down their execution will come."

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