Sound Off

Since there have been a lot of complaints about Bobby Bowden passing Paul "Bear" Bryant and narrowing the gap on Joe Paterno on the all-time Division I-A win list, TheTerritory columnist Chris Strickland takes matters into his own hands. Click here for this entertaining column on how Bowden stacks up against the coaching legends.

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you guys where thinking, thought you had come to the wrong board. Geesh, what did you think I'd write about in a sound off article?

I read a lot about folks complaining about Bobby Bowden passing the Paul "Bear" Bryant and catching up with Jo Pa for the all time 1-A coaching win record. There's this thing about Bobby coaching at Samford, Howard, what ever you call the place. They can't keep their name straight, how do you expect an old guy like me to keep it straight. It's some four-year college in Alabama, the same state where the Bear set the 1-A coaching record.

Now that Bear, he was a legend, and he beat a legend. He beat Pop Warner's coaching record. That Pop Warner was a pretty awesome coach, 319 wins. Man pretty impressive, set that record back in 1938, I think Bret was just a young man in his 40's at the time. I think there was some grumbling though about the Bear's 323 wins, I mean, he won games against the likes of: Guilford, Merchant Marine, Evansville, Santa Clara, and Dayton. No way the Bear should beat the great Pop Warner with wins against teams like that. Geesh, the Merchant Marine, you shoulda hear the knashing of teeth. Oh yeah, back in the day folks didn't do so much whining, they respected great men who accomplished grand feats.

Well, it could be that, but it might have been the front page article in the National Football Gossip. Right there on the front page in big headlines "Complaints about the Bear, Maybe we should look at Pop". And then they had this list of teams that the great legend played: Western Reserve, Trinity (Connecticut), Phoenix Indians, Oberlin, Susquehanna, Gettysburg, Lebanon Valley, Gallaudet, Haverford, Medico-Chirurgical, Bloomsburg, Reliance A.C, Sherman, Franklin & Marshall, Olympic Club, Occidental, West Coast Army, YMI, Westminster, Allegheny, Bethany, Cleveland Naval Reserves, Geneva, Grove City, Haskell, Carnegie Tech, Centre, Albright.

The Phoenix Indians, weren't they a baseball team that move to Cleveland. Now Occidental, that's a smart team to play, you can probably get your insurance cheap. But come on the Cleveland Naval Reserves, geesh, those guys don't even know what good beer is.

But then all the noise passed and the Bear set a record that lasted until 2001, when Jo Pa passed him. Folks gave him lots of congratulations. And then Bobby passed the Bear and is within three of the other living legend of a coach. And all of a sudden folks started complaining about Bobby's wins at Howard. Well, politely I say to them Mordez-moi.

French always sounds like the language of love, no matter what you say. The NCAA rules are very simple, you need 10 years at a Division 1 school, bowl wins and all wins at four year colleges count. See there was a reason I slipped that four year college thing in earlier. Folks just want to keep changing the rules after the game has started. Well, if we want to change those rules, then maybe we remove Pop Warner's (#4) wins at Carlisle; Amos Alonzo Stagg's (#5) while at Springfield, Chicago and Pacific; or Woody Hayes' (#8 ) while at Denison; or Lou Holtz's (#10) while at William and Mary.

Man, these folks want to take away wins from the man who little league football was named after. Pop Warner must just be turning in his grave. Folks just have zero respect for his wins. Just because they don't like that Bobby is in a two way race. Providing us football fans something we will never see again, two legends going after the all time record. This has never happened in history. Folks know the rules, just because they don't like them, they're the rules. You'll see Haley's comet again before we ever see this happen again. Just sit back and enjoy history.

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